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The cover of my book, published by Hay House UK in November 2018

I am so blessed to have Lily Moses paint this image for me with such intention, love and artistic intuition

Artwork © Lily Moses 2018


I will let you know as soon as pre-orders are available! 

Also...I'm thrilled to announce that I will be presenting at the world-renowned Hay House UK's I CAN DO IT! 2018 in London, 29-30th September.

Book your tickets early for special offers on this two-day event at Hay House UK.  


And don't forget, registration for my HEALING TENT RETREAT in Wales this OCTOBER is now open! 

With love, 

Sophie x

My experiences with Sophie have connected me more deeply to my myself than ever before, and have changed my life.

Healing Tents Retreat in Spain, July 7th-14th  FULLY BOOKED! 

I CAN DO IT! 2018 - Hay House UK two-day workshop, 29th-30th September

Book tickets at www.hayhouse.co.uk

Healing Tents Retreat in Wales, October 19th-26th REGISTRATION NOW OPENED! 

"My experience at Sophie's retreat was nothing short of miraculous. The energy that was created under the Healing Tents turned me inside out and opened me up to something that I hadn't allowed myself to see before.

The reason you think you're going to one of Sophie's retreats is not why you're there.. but you'll find out. And the truth will astound you."

- Erin, Heart of the Dark Goddess Retreat, May 2017

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