Join Sophie for a unique healing experience. This is an opportunity to be part of a Healing Tent Retreat inspired by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite

Join other conscious and spiritually-aware men and women for a safe, supported and guided journey into the higher realms of love and intimacy. 

Imbued with the divine energies of Aphrodite, this promises to be a very special awakening for those who are ready to create a newly-illuminated & conscious level of sacred love and partnership. 

The Aphrodite Intensive

  The Altar of Aphrodite

The Altar of Aphrodite

The Aphrodite Intensive is an opportunity to experience and develop new ways of relating between men and women, with a focus on anchoring new spiritual vibrations of the divine feminine and masculine. 

Using channeled meditations, attunement and deep vibrational healing techniques, Sophie will connect you with the ancient divine feminine power of the Goddess Aphrodite. 

Over the course of the retreat, you will be led gently into opening up to deeper qualities of sacred intimacy with both men and women. You will be invited to open your heart, body and spirit to certain elements of tantra (Sanskrit meaning "woven together"), in order to intertwine the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of the masculine and feminine. 

   February 2017  Photo:     Kirsty Targrass

The intention of this retreat is to firstly develop intimacy with the Self, then with others.

There will be regular spaces for both women-only (led by Sophie) and men-only (led by a male facilitator well-known to Sophie) circles, as well as combined group and partner work. 



The event is open to both men and women. You can attend with a partner, a friend, or on your own. 

Photo credits: Kirsty Targrass