"I had the most amazing time on Sophie's retreat

One of the many aspects that resonated with me was that Sophie had the ability to bring in divine energy without losing the reality of how to apply it, and deal with situations in everyday life. 

In our sessions, Sophie encouraged us to gently shed our boundaries: to speak and work openly and honestly without our guard up, ensuring we were in a totally safe place. 

The environment that Sophie had prepared for us was very special - a lot of thought and work had gone into this.  

Sophie created the perfect equilibrium of sessions and relaxing time. 

When the retreat came to an end there became a new beginning.  Everyone that attended has become part of my life. 

The new dimensions I entered into are with me every minute of every day.  The Goddesses and healers I worked with on the retreat are also with me. 

As a result of Sophie’s retreat we are all able to perceive life in an evolved formation. 

Thank you Sophie for your love and support, your words of wisdom, your sessions, for bringing everyone on the retreat together and for holding the space.

 Thank you for being your true, honest divine feminine self." 

- Anita

"Sophie's retreat was like being held in a womb. 

It was safe, comforting, and left room for expansion and contraction. Sophie created a beautiful space, from the wonderful accommodations, to the Red & White Tents. 

The details were exquisite and intentional. 

She held space and led us through a deep dive into our true feminine essence. 

The women on the retreat are all magical beings: I'm so happy to have met my soul family. I am forever grateful for the week I had of feeling into my femininity and being held and supported by Sophie and my sisters. 

We've created lifelong friendships, across the globe. 

So much love, appreciation and gratitude to you always."

- Adrienne

"Sophie is a very kind, loving, warmhearted person and a fantastic intuitive healer. 

She has created this amazing retreat - a sacred space - where every day feels like a wonderful gift. 

It was emotional, beautiful and filled with invaluable insights. Also, I met wonderful friends for life there! 

I am so happy I heard the call to join this retreat.

I will keep it as a precious diamond in my memory forever and I can recommend it with all my heart."

- Cia

When the retreat came up on Sophie's page, I just knew I had to be there. I didn't know why, I didn't know what to expect, but there was this deep longing and unquestionable knowing that I must go. As soon as I arrived, I was home! 

Meeting Sophie was a true blessing. The most captivating thing about Sophie is not just the vast knowledge that she has, it is her raw beauty, true willingness to share her knowledge, the joy that shines through her at having the opportunity to offer her guidance. 

She gave us all the courage to stop hiding; stop playing it small. Sophie empowers us to step forward into our own power and to acknowledge our gifts and Divinity. She shines so brightly, it gives us all courage to shine our own Light. 

So YES, the retreat was life-changing, transformative and empowering! 

I would encourage everyone to meet Sophie, go on her retreat, go into her monthly meetings or have a session with her. You will not regret it! 

Sophie is a true gift to this world and she will help you to realise or remember that YOU too ARE A GIFT. 

- Jana

"The Returning Home Retreat was like coming home to the true and loving essence of who I really am, deep down. 

I reconnected in a safe, strong and loving field with the presence of Sophie. 

Sophie held us all through intense processes of rebirthing. She did it with tender love, respect and authenticity. This experience is without doubt life-changing and deeply transformational. 

Life will never be the same. I will never be the same. 

There is no other way than the true path of my Soul: because once the Soul remembers, there is no turning back! 

The truth is, words can't describe this experience. When the heart and soul live it, you just know

I feel that the word coming close to describing the retreat experience is a foundation of unconditional love. We re-birthed ourselves and unfolded the magical gifts of the Soul. 

Sophie is unconditional, raw love manifested and she was the loving bridge for us to feel and find that deep in ourselves. 

My heart is wide open, for the first time I feel a sense of really belonging and wanting to spread my wings and fly…high. 

I will always love and cherish Sophie for enabling my Soul's deepest yearnings to come true. 

- Lina

"What an incredible thing you have achieved [on this retreat]. I am in awe at the midwifing you have done for individuals and the planet.

We have birthed on so many levels this week. 

You are a rare treasure of a woman. I honour you with love in my heart." 

- Elena

"Thank you so very, very much for the profound retreat experience.

What a privilege and honour to see so many women transforming under your knowledge, guidance and care. 

You made and held the space with compassion and grace. 

Sophie, you are utterly extraordinary and completely one-of-a-kind."

- Karen

"The retreat was so magical, so moving, so exhilarating, so deep. To feel the pain of persecution and finally release it. 

Your vision for the tent spaces was exquisite in every way, down to the smallest detail. 

What you have given me is a firm belief that I do 'know'. I can totally trust my intuitive knowing and inner guidance. 

Every day I went out of my comfort zone and it was so freeing. 

The sensuality we have explored has been wonderful. To experience that with women rather than men was a revelation. 

- Barbara