"Pioneers of the New Dawn"  - An Intensive Retreat with Sophie  

This event is open to both men and women.

It is one thing to be spiritually aware and even developed, but another to feel confident and equipped enough to bring these gifts ‘down to earth’. 

Many people who once lived as seers, mystics, wise ones and healers in Avalon carry past life trauma of persecution for using these gifts. This can stay in the cellular soul memory and create fears that inhibit revealing and using those gifts openly. 

Over these two days, Sophie’s intention is to support you in rising up into your divine masculine and feminine missions with the courage to live openly as the Light that you are. She will assist you in actively bringing your spiritual gifts out into the world with confidence, courage and clarity. 

"The intensive retreat with Sophie was an experience that I'll never forget and my only regret was that it had to end." - Dharm

The Two-Day Workshop

Sophie uses channeled meditations given from Higher Guides to support rapid spiritual advancement. Many of these attunements serve as 'sacred initiations': once given, you are reminded energetically of your spiritual origins and past lives as a healer. This unlocks ancient knowing and divine information inside you. 

You will also be supported in moving through emotional blocks and resistance that may be preventing you from moving into authentic power, truth and purpose. 

There will be opportunities to practice and develop your intuitive healing abilities during group and partner work, as well as form deep connections to others on a similar pathway. 


"I felt your teachings reached my very core and activated my fact, the very next morning I awoke understanding exactly what I needed to do to take that next spiritual step." - Ali

About Sophie

Sophie is a leading intuitive channel and writer for the re-emergence of Divine Feminine consciousness. 

In addition to raising her two daughters, she has devoted many years to attuning her energy to high frequencies of sacred feminine light. In 2005, intense life changes brought about a desire to reconnect to a deep spirituality rooted in the Goddess consciousness, and catalysed her clear intuitive gift. 

Over the past 10 years, Sophie has led weekly and monthly women's circles, group workshops & retreats in addition to facilitating thousands of one-to-one intuitive consultations to clients worldwide. 

She is a prolific writer on spiritual topics and posts regularly on her popular Facebook page and website. 

 About Chalice Well Gardens

The Chalice Well Gardens are known as a 'living sanctuary', situated between Chalice Hill and the majestic Glastonbury Tor. The gardens are rich in legend and sacred symbolism, being sited on two potent leylines known as the "Michael and Mary lines". 

The Chalice Well is one of the oldest holy wells in Britain. Legend tells that the Well sprung from the spot where the 'Holy Chalice' (the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper) was buried. This cup also contained blood from Jesus' crucifixion and is said to have been placed here by Joseph of Arimathea. Some legends speak of the Druids having built the Well. 

The water feeds from Chalice Well Springs and has never been known to run dry. The water is known for its extreme purity and is rich in iron, giving it a red appearance. For this reason it is also know as the Red Spring. 

Many people find incredible solace and peace within Chalice Well Gardens. The pure, healing energy is attributed to the presence of the Divine Mother, and is a rare place of spiritual nourishment.