This retreat with Sophie was deeply impactful! There is no doubt that in a few years time, I will look back to this sacred time and space she created and see what a pivotal moment in time it was for my personal unfolding. 

Sophie has the great gift to really see you - the true essence in you. 

She is incredibly present, warm and deeply authentic. 

She felt like a kindred spirit from the moment I set foot into the venue, and I truly feel that her Soul called in women to the workshop that have sat, prayed, manifested, cried and celebrated together before - many lifetimes ago. 

Sophie's ability to hold space for the group as a whole, and every single woman in the circle, is simply phenomenal. 

By doing so she empowered each of us to claim our unique divine feminine. 

I walked away from the retreat feeling deeply empowered to my own truth and sacred nature, and profoundly enriched and inspired. 

- Lea Luthy, Switzerland

En-route to the Hammam on the last day of our retreat - across the Bosphorus River

En-route to the Hammam on the last day of our retreat - across the Bosphorus River

"Phenomenal -  is the one word I would use to describe the Kali Retreat."

At a personal, earthly level and a greater, spirit level, this retreat has helped me in a powerful way to release my fears and karmic propensity - and empower me to just be my authentic essence. 

Sophie also channeled precious messages for me personally which I had no clue about before, so I am truly, madly and deeply grateful to her. 

I am still letting the effects of the blessings and channeling by Sophie sink into me. 

This retreat has further awakened the divine feminine in me and raised my awareness as to how we, as women, can make a positive contribution for the greater Good. 

Just through staying true to our own pure essence we are sending ripples of feminine energies to the ocean of infinite consciousness. This is the confidence I have gained, and it is so precious and priceless. 

It has been my honour and privilege to connect with Sophie and my soul-sisters and I know our connection is eternal. 

-May Lim, Hong Kong

She has moved mountains in me; she has lit up the darkest, blindest spots in my journey and showed me the way; sometimes only whispered when I was lost. 

She is a true gift from the Goddess, a big torchlight given to humanity. 

If you are drawn to her or her work, do not think for a second! You will be under her safe, soft gaze, guided with her comforting voice and in her powerful, healing space in your soul journey. 

- Bilge Inal, Turkey