"Words fail to convey how deeply you have touched my life."


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the wonderful, compassionate, wise, loving and humble teacher that you are. 

Spending two days with you and the wonderful people in circle was one of the richest and most nourishing experiences of my life. I feel this workshop was life-changing for many of us attending, and the joy and lightness of being that sits with me now is indescribable. 

I feel blessed, so utterly blessed. 

I feel like you released me from prison when you shared your experience of anxiety. You touched my soul so deeply. Thank you for reaching out to me. 

You are an incredible light in the world - like truly, inspirationally, epically magnificent. 

Thank you for being you. 

- Emma


"In the past couple of weeks, my life has turned around."


After having some time to reflect on one of the most special experiences I have had, with such a wonderful group of people,  I want to thank you for the sacred space you created for myself and all the other fellow pioneers.

The space you created felt so comforting, so safe, that I could open up and explore the depths of my soul without fear or hesitation. It was like I had returned home and rediscovered a part of myself that had been lost for thousands of years.

In the past couple of weeks, my life has turned around, I have stepped into my feminine goddess energy and embraced the woman that I am today -  I have become fearless of what others may think.

I feel so free from all the chains and tethers that have kept me shackled down over many lifetimes. After surrendering and learning to let go, the universe has sent me on journey of spiritual mastery to India. I have been guided to go to the Himalayas and discover my true purpose, my soul mission, connect with my Higher Self and at the same time give back.

I have also created some necessary boundaries to protect myself: too often as an empath I allowed myself to be taken for granted - I realised after your workshop that this was something I needed to put a stop to.

Thank you so much Sophie, you have opened a new door to a new path of self discovery of my inner goddess.  I can't thank you enough.

Your work and channeling is amazing. You are a gift, a shining star, an angel that brought all us pioneers back together again to kick start something truly special.

Namaste, Annabel

Sophie holds a beautiful creative space, which encourages authenticity and compassion on every level.

Her patience, and devotion to uplifting others is both courageous and from the heart.

A beautiful soul –who is dedicated to empowering others to be the best version of themselves x


In adoration, Louise

"It is truly a gift to be able to create this space in which trust, love, and guidance allows otherwise strangers to connect, bond and heal each other."

After awakening to my personal spiritual path,  I had been working hard on healing blockages. I managed to heal to a certain degree back through this lifetime, but I knew there was more, and I just didn’t have the wisdom to access it (to be honest I didn’t even know where to start!) - this left emotionally drained, stuck, empathically over-sensitive, and exhausted.

After reading, and resonating with, Sophie's Facebook Page over the last year, the opportunity came up to attend this workshop. I had many doubts on my way to the workshop:  questioning if I was worthy to be there as I am not a healer by profession, or have ever obtained a certified level in this subject…however, Sophie greeted me on arrival like I was an old friend, which instantly made me feel more at ease…and this shows in the amazing, beautiful space she created during the workshop.

Sophie (along with Jen and Karen) held a safe space for us all to access and clear deep emotional wounds.  We released stagnant energy in order to receive new light to help us develop our own spiritual gifts, and continue on our paths uninhibited.

It is truly a gift to be able to create this space in which trust, love and guidance allows otherwise strangers to connect, share, resonate with and heal each other, and I know my life will be so much better and is already flowing again with divine purpose. Not only did I release deep emotional blockages that were holding me back, I also gained several new (perhaps very old!!) friends who are supporting me and still continue to after this event.

Sophie you are a blessing! Your energy, healing, intuitive connection to Spirit and guidance benefits all who have the pleasure of working with you, and I hope to again someday.

Namaste, Jo

I just wanted to write to you following our wonderful time spent on your retreat in Glastonbury.

You are no doubt a pure and beautiful channel for the Divine.

Holding the space for our sacred meeting was so special, and I thank you for allowing our Souls to return home, and our divine contract to be met. 

Your compassion and gentleness really reassured us all when the emotions were high, and when we all bared our shadow selves that were in need of healing. 

You are a true inspiration that will send a ripple of awakening across our earth.

I sincerely hope our paths cross again. 

Namaste, Ali

I have been to three of Sophie's retreats & workshops within the last year, I am privileged to say. I have had a truly magnificent experience on all of them, assisting me greatly in getting back on my spiritual path. 

Her authenticity, and the Divine direction she is able to tap into, is something that I wholly appreciate. 

From the guided meditations, the sharing, and the experience of using instinctive gifts..altogether an amazing & life-changing experience. The connections (or re-connections) forged have also been immensely supportive, both during and afterwards. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Love, Hilary


"The weekend retreat with Sophie was an experience that I'll NEVER forget and my only regret is that it had to end."


Sophie, in September 2015, was the spark that lit the flame within me that continues to burn with greater intensity and love day by day -  and my trust and faith in her, in her totality, is absolute. She re-connected me with my Soul.


The energy of the space in which we shared, felt incredibly safe, loving and welcoming and Sophie was the perfect host, guide, friend - patient, supportive, nurturing, inspiring. Always present. Always attentive. Always "there" - with her whole being.


I feel reborn after this magical encounter - birthed into something yet to reveal itself but I sense something glorious and magnificent far beyond the comprehension of the mind - A Divine creation.


We, through Sophie, were the recipients of incredible gifts of love that were received with gratitude and humility and which, in the fullness of time, will reveal themselves.


The friendships I made over the two days; the pure connections, are bonds that can never be broken - they are eternal and true.


If you are reading these words and feel a resonance with their energy, surrender to your inner guidance. Let it carry you to places you never dreamed possible.


I encountered Sophie and she awakened me to the potential within. Through her individual sessions and retreats, Sophie is able to give you exactly what you need in the most direct yet loving and compassionate manner. 


Attending a retreat with Sophie, is truly a gift from your Soul - it says "Come, it's time to wake up. I've brought you a gift" - and that gift, is Sophie.

 - Dharm