"It isn't always easy to hear, but the Truth is undeniable. Sophie immediately tuned in to what has been happening in my Soul and in my life, with no real input from me at all. I was content to simply listen and absorb as she gave colourful context and clarity to situations that have felt vague and confusing. 

Ultimately, I ended our conversation with a much firmer grasp of my situation and the confidence to move forward with my Soul agenda."


I initially discovered Sophie through Facebook.

Upon reading her articles, I immediately felt a complete resonance with her energy and words and recognised Sophie as a pure, absolute embodiment of the Goddess energy. This led me to booking an Intuitive session.

The session with Sophie confirmed my feelings - namely, that she is a being of incredible insight, love, compassion and wisdom who gently cuts through ALL (and I mean ALL!) illusion and provides you with information that your Soul wishes you to hear.

Sophie is the Divine Feminine in physical form, gently whispering truths to you whilst holding you safely in her loving embrace. Every word designed to awaken, inspire, liberate. Every word designed to cut through the chains that shackle you.

The revelations that Sophie shared with me could only be accessed by those that possess purity of Heart and Mind and the most sincere of intentions.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sophie as a being of the highest integrity and purest light who acts only in the interests of your Highest Self.

If you are genuinely sincere in your willingness to face your fears and acknowledge the illusion in your life and are willing to respond to your highest calling, this is a very good place to start.

It was by grace and good fortune that my path crossed with Sophie's and I will be eternally grateful for this.

"Lady Sophia - Oracle of oracles"

- Dharminder Randhawa, UK

Over many years, I have worked with numerous intuitives, healers, shamans, and spiritual mentors—many of whom are deeply gifted, personable and expertly trained. 

In all my experiences to date, I had never come across such engaginginsightful and clearly channeled divine messages, as those which flow through Sophie.  After initially following Sophie’s online posts for several months, I found my intrigue and innate desire to connect with her intensifying with every message.  I just had to know her!  And, what an absolute sacred blessing it is to have worked with Sophie in private session! 

Through her intuitive consultation, Sophie connected with the depths of my soul purpose and divine mission on a level that no other healer has ever accessed—with direct clarity and conviction of sacred truth.  In one session, we touched on past connections, present guidance and future wisdom for all the beauty to unfold on my life’s journey.

In my deepest knowing, Sophie is a chosen one—by Universal Spirit—to support our highest calling and the return of the Divine Feminine on Earth.  She truly embodies pure Light and the Goddess vibration, and shares her Love and Wisdom with us all.  I am deeply honored to know Sophie, and hold excitement for all of our meaningful experiences to come!


My reading with Sophie was completely like none other I've ever had (and I've had many). I have seen many intuitive healers and have always gotten something out of the sessions but nothing profound. Not so the case with Sophie. My reading with her was profound, it touched on things that were very near, dear and private to me, so much so that it brought me to tears.

She is a gifted individual, and her work will leave you empowered not just on a personal level but on a planetary one as well. As we heal, we can then help others which in turn raises the planetary vibration - which serves humanity as a whole.

I highly recommend her if you are feeling that something needs to shift but you don't know quite what or just feel drawn to her. Follow your gut and call her.


Sophie receives and passes on such deep (and quite frankly, astounding) wisdom from her guides that really help you understand yourself and your life purpose better. 

I have been working with Sophie for years (even through the distance) and she has always given me guidance and a great energetic boost when I need it the most.


Dear Sophie


I want to thank you for the amazing intuitive reading. All the information you provided me with was truly incredible. 

It was an intense journey of healing and remembering who I was in the past to bring forth to my current life. It was powerful to say the least! 

The intensity that lasted throughout the session and the amount of information is something I have never experienced before. 

Your connection to the Divine is incredibly clear and beautiful. 

Thank you for stepping into this work so that you can help transform lives.

You certainly did that for me.


I was quite nervous before I had my session with Sophie, but she is truly a deeply beautiful woman - love pours out of her. 


I felt incredibly safe throughout the hour. Her intuitive reading allowed me to see many aspects of my life clearly and a depth of understanding that had been hidden from me. 

I couldn't believe how accurate the reading was, and was excited to find out about aspects of myself that I didn't know. I look forward to working with Sophie more in the future and just wanted to say a huge thank you for her work. 


Sophie is a uniquely gifted intuitive, spiritual guide and healer. Loving, professional and wise, Sophie has been instrumental in my spiritual development through her intuitive readings, energy healings and meditations. Most importantly Sophie has catalysed access to my own inner compass - an invaluable resource that enables me to live a conscious, empowered and inspired life.


I want to thank you for the beautiful intuitive session. The warmth and understanding you show is truly beautiful. Truly intuitive in connecting to my situation and helping me through it all with unending love.




Dear Sophie,

I was led to your site by Divine Hands. 

I had an Intuitive healing session with you, the first time for me on Skype. I had tears and goosebumps all over me when you answered my questions and helped me to know and feel that I am loved, valuable and protected. I loved it, and am very thankful.

With all my love,




DSCF0239 (3).JPG

I had a session with Sophie three years ago, and still often reflect back on her spot-on insight. Her energy is very gentle, soothing and wise, and her connection with the Divine seems to be crystal clear. 

During our meeting she focused on healing past events, as well as looking at my current situation and future potential, all of which has been so helpful to me moving forward. 

The reading made me feel calm, reassured, clear and excited, and I would highly recommend a session with Sophie to anyone. 


I’ve had three readings with Sophie. I don’t remember what I was hoping for from the first reading, but it was so completely different to other readings I’ve had. It focused on huge spiritual aspects of my life, who I am and what I’m here for, rather than everyday issues.  

The reading itself was like going on a journey – it involved archangels and other beings giving messages and healing which was channeled through my aura and chakras. It was truly mind blowing.

After that first reading I felt much more grounded, and more spiritually in tune and connected with others and nature.

Sophie has a lovely, gentle style and a beautiful way with words. She creates a very safe space, whether in person or on the phone. I would really recommend her.



The intuitive insights I have received from Sophie have been wonderful. I feel very blessed to have received angelic guidance via her amazing gifts. 

Sophie speaks with warmth, wisdom and sincerity. The intuitive readings have been immensely valuable to my life journey. 

I have been better able to trust and love myself, knowing that I am Divinely cared for. 

I cannot recommend her intuitive guidance and written insights highly enough. 

Thank you, Sophie! 


I have connected with Sophie via Skype as I live in Australia. At first I was a bit unsure how it would work [on Skype]. 

Wow, I was blown away by her ability to connect and work with Spirit. Sophie has such wisdom but is also so humble at the same time. 

With each reading I have been given such an accurate picture of my life, and have nothing but the utmost confidence in the advice provided to me. 

Sophie has helped me to have confidence to trust the Universe. I'm always left feeling uplifted after a reading. 

I hope to meet someday face to face. 


The information that was channeled during my intuitive reading with Sophie (via Skype) resonates with me until the present day,  and has set some meaningful events into motion. Until that moment the notion of Archangels seemed too “far out” [to me] but, when Sophie came online, her warm voice and her unwavering loving presence felt very trustworthy and I could open up to whatever content would be revealed. The picture drawn about my situation was at once confronting in its accuracy and soothing because I felt seen


Sophie channels the light of unconditional love that never ceases to shine upon us, even when we leave our curtains closed for a long time. 


Dear Sophie


I had an intuitive consultation with you at a particularly testing time in my life. You shared angelic messages that resonated and which, more importantly, supported me to move forward and build confidence about my path. 

I soon found myself on the open and clear road you described and onto a brighter future. 

The meditations and posts you share on your new website provide a great spiritual resource but it is always your Facebook page that I turn to most frequently because your posts ALWAYS chime in with my life with such Divine timing! 

Thank you for your work and your particular focus on the Divine Feminine. I look forward to working with you again in the future. If only you were based a little closer! 

With love, 



Thank you so much for your session, Sophie. I found it amazing.

After your words of encouragement and spiritual guidance I have been very busy organising my Reiki practice.  I have performed Reiki on my third client today, and already have three more clients booked in for next week. Just as you described, they all got in touch with me! 

So, thank you Sophie, so much. I feel I have gained so much from the session, and in a very short space of time my confidence in practicing Reiki (after you encouraged me to start using my gifts and abilities) has increased enormously. 


Sophie gave me a wonderfully uplifting, soulful and heart-centred intuitive reading. I'm still amazed at the positive energy and resonance it gave and, months later, I'm witnessing the energies unfold in my life that both serve and expand me in ways I never imagined possible.

To be able to channel in this way is a true gift and a joy to receive.

 The reading provided me with incredible guidance and a deeper awareness and understanding at an important stage on my spiritual journey. I now feel more positive and confident of my journey with a greater understanding of all that is.

 I thank you Sophie for sharing your gifts of deep awareness, sensitivity and empathic wisdom in such a gentle and nurturing way.