"To say that the retreat was life-changing, transformative, empowering..it all just sounds like such a cliche..But how else can I describe an experience so amazing that the true essence cannot be captured in words!" 

- Jana, Faralya May 2015


Being on retreat with Sophie is a rare opportunity to be immersed in uniquely nourishing and healing spaces.

Borne from a vision given straight after the birth of her second daughter, Indigo, she has spent over 13 years working to develop a strong connection to the Divine Feminine vibration in preparation for creating The White Tent®& The Red Tent®. 

The Red & White Tents

These visually-stunning structures evoke potent ancient memories of sitting in sacred circle, and harness powerful spiritual energies brought through Sophie's higher channels. 

The energetic combination of retreating into the purity of The White Tent® and the womb-like nourishment of The Red Tent® is potentially life-transforming.

The spiritual call of the healing tents re-created by Sophie is one heard by those who are ready to step into their full sacred feminine power & masculine potency. 

These are retreats for those who are willing to fully engage in a week of deep emotional and spiritual release, open-hearted connection and radical inner transformation. 

The White Tent & The Red Tent are registered trademarks.