What is the Tarot? 

The Tarot is an ancient divinatory system consisting typically of 78 cards. These cards, split into the Major and Minor Arcana, portray imagery, symbols and numbers that contain sacred meaning and energy. There are many ways of using and interpreting the cards, usually within a ‘spread’: the cards are laid out in a pattern and then read to gain messages and guidance for the querent.

A Unique Tarot Experience

Sophie has been using her own personally devised and highly intuitive methods of Tarot interpretation for many years. Her readings are not based upon traditional card spreads where the positional meanings are a key component. Rather, Sophie uses her psychic abilities to discern sacred insights in a reading that is fluid, organic and responsive to Spirit’s highest intentions.

How can a Tarot consultation help me? 

A Tarot reading with Sophie uses the cards to gain oracular insight and understanding into life situations, relationships and stages of personal development. Her intuitive interpretation brings forth meaning that can be elusive on the surface to reveal a deeper, more spiritual perspective.

As with the Intuitive Consultations, Sophie’s readings do not centre upon simply predicting the unfolding of future events or experiences. Many people have a fear of the Tarot and other divinatory arts because of a perceived ability of the diviner to be able to give fatalistic prophecies that are fixed and unavoidable. This puts the querent in the position of being a passive victim of life with no personal power or ability to alter the course of events.

If the Tarot is in your Soul..

Tarot readings work best if you are interested in deepening your perception of the currents that are currently working through your life and relationships. The cards are imbued with highly sacred energies and mystical symbolism that can give support to the spiritual seeker.

If you are perhaps inexplicably drawn to the Tarot and are looking for guidance in seeing the deeper truths and potential for transformation in whatever issues you are currently experiencing, a consultation with Sophie is a wonderful gift for your Soul. 

Tarot session with intuitive guidance, 60 mins: £90

To book a session with Sophie, please contact assistant@sophiebashford.com.