Anti-racism statement

This is my statement of commitment to anti-racism as an author, creative, intuitive practitioner, business owner and individual.

What is anti-racism?

Anti-racism is the practice of actively opposing and challenging racism.

'Anti-racism is rooted in action. It is about taking steps to eliminate racism at the individual, institutional, and structural levels. It is not a new concept, but the Black Lives Matter movement has helped increase the focus on the importance of anti-racism.' - What is Anti-Racism? (click for full article)

I commit to the ongoing practice of:

  • bringing attention to racism in all areas of my client work and online platforms
  • seeking out information and educational resources from anti-racist educators to confront my unconscious biases & learned behaviours
  • viewing my ongoing anti-racist work as a lifelong learning and unlearning process, rather than a tick-box or vehicle for self-improvement
  • amplifying & centering BIPOC voices, creativity, work and businesses
  • taking action to help BIPOC clients and participants of my work feel included, welcomed and listened to
  • receiving feedback on, and taking steps to rectify, any instances where my unawareness or actions offend or hurt a POC
  • using my platform and privilege as a white woman to support and ally for BIPOC

Resources & Information

If you're interested in learning more about being anti-racist, here's some more information and a brief list of resources.