Great Spider Woman: Creativity & Energy

Great Spider Woman comes to you, imprinting her Sacred Web across your aura, reminding you of your creative energy.

Great Spider Woman is a universal feminine essence. She carries the wisdom of Weaving; of geometric cosmic intelligence; of how the stories of the Great Ones knit together to form tapestries of Life.

When you connect with Great Spider Woman, you will instantly get a sense of how in touch you are with your own creativity. You will feel Her highlight your imbalances. Do you resist or negate your inner creative impulses? Do you let yourself believe that you are ‘no good’, and therefore let the energy rot away and stagnate inside you? Or does your ego caution you to ‘not bother’ with expressing your creative impulse simply because you’ll never ‘get anywhere’ with it?

The energy that pulsates through Great Spider Woman is truly cosmic. It represents the Web of Creation. You have been endowed with Divine Impulses that feed into the Web of Light surrounding this planet. Every project or activity that you enjoy creatively has a huge impact on the nourishment of the energy field surrounding Earth. You were born carrying fertile seeds of abundant and Light-filled creations. These creations have the ability to uplift, nurture, heal and strengthen humanity and the planet.

The Light Grid needs the full expression of your creative energies, and this is achieved through tapping into your Spirit – not through what your lower mind dictates. Great Spider Woman tells you now that you have myriad talents and creative abilities – use them!

They don’t have to be shared in the public arena, although if you need to ‘get out there’ and reveal your creative beauty to others then Great Spider Woman will guide you to that place. Cooking beautiful, fresh, nourishing and tasty food is deeply creative. Always honour yourself if you regularly cook from your heart and soul – it is creative and healing flow in abundance.

Singing, writing, painting, dancing, making music. But it’s not just the most obvious ‘art-centred’ activities that count. Writing in a journal about your most private feelings and ideas, with a conscious desire for sacred connection – this is creative. Sitting and listening without judgement with a friend – giving your open healing heart to another – this is creative. Clearing out the garage or spare room – with intention to release the old energy and make way for the new – this is very creative.

The list is endless. It doesn’t matter what it is that you create. What matters is that you do it without chastising yourself for not being good enough. Creative spiritual energy must flow through you now in order for your Soul to be satisfied. Great Spider Woman is blessing you. Always listen primarily to your instinctual and intuitive feelings and urges in order to connect with your creative energy.

If you have a fear of spiders then that could be telling you something: are you scared of your creative energy, and the power you possess to light up the world with it?

If creative energy is blocked, it can lead to addictive behaviours. In some people, excess body weight is linked to blocked creative channels, and many physical illnesses can arise from this imbalance.

When you are channeling your creative desires, you forget time and space. You become ‘one’ with nature and the universe. You live inside the Great Web of Life. You vibrate and hum with the Cosmic Soul Note of Earth and the Cosmos. Your life-force energy flows through you uninhibited.

Great Spider Woman comes to you now. The Web of Creation lives inside you.

Create, create, create.

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  1. Ana on February 20, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    Sophie your words have always resonated such truth and love for me… and they have always been very timely. Truly I needed to read this today! It has shaken me to the core and will stay with me always. From my heart to yours thankyou thankyou thankyou❤️

  2. Ella on April 15, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Thank you Sophie. I had crystal therapy today. It was my second time and I kept seeing spiders. Google brought me to you 🙂

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