Published by Hay House UK, my book ‘You Are a Goddess’ is released on 20th November!

With your pre-order you’ll get:

  • The Goddesses Are Gathering audio meditation

  • I Surrender My Life to the Goddess Prayer 

  • Access to my LIVE Book Blessing Ceremony on 21st November

   At Hay House UK’s I Can Do It! 2018

At Hay House UK’s I Can Do It! 2018

Warm Autumn Greetings to You!

I've been blessed to meet many fascinating and gifted people on my journey so far with Hay House UK.

Writers, teachers, leaders, healers, visionaries, energy & light workers - those standing on the stage, those working behind the scenes and those sitting in the audience.

Such transformation can happen when we create space to deliver a message from our higher selves, a message that has little to do with what we think others want to hear, and more about what they truly need to hear.

That's something our minds will never figure out. We can't strategise or plan for that kind of magic - the magic that comes from developing deep trust in the feminine flow of spirit and intuitively-powered communication.

To be a true vessel for transformation we have to get so firmly out of our own way that we almost have no investment in the outcome. It isn't our business. It's the business of the higher selves and the hearts and souls of those who are in front of us, who gave up an hour or a day of their time to hear a fragment of their own Divine Selves speaking back to them.

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That's what we can't plan for. That kind of magic that only occurs when we realise that we are not in charge, or in control. When we let the Spirit in us lead, we're taken way past our self-imposed limits and we're shown horizons that we never even knew existed.

When we ask to truly serve the Whole, we have to let go of our attachments to what that looks like for us - or for others. When the opportunities arrive to open our mouths and speak, when others are willing to listen to our voice - we owe it to them and to the Divine to take the 'personal' out of the equation and view ourselves as a universal mouthpiece - a role that our egos and logical mind will never comprehend.

Watch my video to discover how to connect with the Third Eye and Avalon Priestess - including guided meditation!

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- Erin, Heart of the Dark Goddess Retreat, May 2017

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