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One Step at a Time (& Breathe)

My work and business have grown from tiny seeds. It's taken well over a decade of continual small steps and patient nurturing to grow my platform.

It's also required me to give very freely of my energy and creativity.

Creating anything that's truly valuable takes time and consistent (daily) effort. Don't be lured into thinking otherwise (quick fixes don't exist, no matter how good the sales pitch!) especially in our modern culture of 'become a roaring success with millions of raving fans by clicking on this instant download'.

Your big dreams and visions for your life are gold-dust. Yes, you can be a super-charged creator and positive attractor. And yes, it's vital to attune your thoughts and beliefs to the right vibration.

But to create what you're truly capable of in the highest way possible, you'll need start out by giving a lot of yourself without getting instant global recognition or massive pay-checks. It won't always look glamorous or magnificent. It will usually feel like tiny, incremental steps and day-to-day work.

To give meaningful work to the people who most need your soul's gifts - you must let go of your ego's plan for how that might look.



Take every day on it's own, and follow the step in front of you.


Let Life Show You What It Needs From You

I started small, and it stayed that way for years. Much of what I do could be still be considered small, even though my work reaches quite a few people worldwide.

When you give with integrity and for the pure joy of giving your true gifts, it will always lead you to the platform you're most needed on.

I'd much rather that you worked carefully, devotedly, deeply and truthfully with a handful of people, than sloppily, half-heartedly, casually or superficially with millions.

The former will ultimately serve the whole more highly than the latter.

Your big dream is possible, and you must give light to it, but you'll prepare for and build this offering differently to how you might expect.

Not the way your ego thinks it should be.

The way the universe NEEDS it to be.

This is true humility and grace in action.


There's Something Only You Can Give

For more than a decade, I've offered up a non-stop, free flow of soul-inspired writing on social platforms. (If you have time to check out my Facebook Page, you'll soon see how much I've shared!)

Before I write or start anything, I offer up the simple prayer.

'What am I here to give?'


Asking the question "what can I give?" as opposed to "what can I get?" is powerful.

It opens up the conversation between your higher self and your mind. It shows you what you're truly here to offer, and believe me, that's unique.

There's something only you can give: to the present situation, the relationship, the work project, the moment.


We need your light


The Perfect Time is Now

It's not about over-giving, self-sacrifice, or chronic undervaluing of your personal energy and time.

It's about jumping into the universal flow of energy that says: hey, don't wait for the perfect big break, pay packet, promotion, job title, partner, course or whatever it is you're waiting for before you begin.

Start giving your love, your time, your energy, your ideas, your skills, your creativity, your passion, your life force - now, not later.

Taking any small action from your heart kick-starts your creative and intuitive channels, and gets you in the flow of practicing, sharing, learning and growing.


Listen to Your Feminine Energy

In The Temple of Kuan Yin chapter of my book, I wrote about the side-effects of neglecting your feminine energy.

As a healer and lightworker, you're wired to tune into other people's (and the earth's) pain, trauma and suffering. This means that you can easily neglect your own needs as you tend to others.

This role is at the core of your life purpose - to be a healing facilitator - and yet it's vital to recognise when your own cup needs refilling.

Remember too, that you're not a rescuer or saviour for others. You can't do anyone's work for them, and it'll exhaust and drain you if you try.


So let's take just a moment, as you've arrived on this page, to see how your feminine energy-cup is feeling.

Let your energy speak as you ask yourself:

'If my feminine energy was my wisest guide, what would she say? Is my cup dry? Do I need to receive more?'

Do your best not to second guess the answer that comes.

And, as you're an empath, lightworker, earth angel, goddess, wise guess is that you'll always need to fill your own cup. Because you're always giving energetically, even if you're not aware of it.



Kuan Yin © Lily Moses 2019. Do not reproduce without permission.

My Promise to You

One thing I know is that you're more capable, brilliant, creative and resourceful than you can imagine. I also know that your soul has the kind of plans for your life that your mind may never grasp.

There's a reason you're here on our planet at this pivotal point. Your ancient connection to the goddess, the angels, the wise ones and universal light-bearers is asking to be rekindled for your own healing, and the earth's healing.

But what is it that's going to make the difference between your soul's dreams coming to life, and your deepest contributions to humanity being left to decay in the shadows?

I'll tell you.


Showing up to what we've been put on this earth to do sounds easy, but frequently isn't.

Showing up represents an initial overcoming of the resistance all of us have to uncovering our light and power. On the journey to creating work that truly serves, and touches others at their core, you'll encounter countless roadblocks and numerous fears.

You'll want to run away from your destiny, and you'll sometimes doubt if you can do what's being asked of you.

I promise that you can. And if it's written in the stars for us, I promise to show up when you most need support.

Remember, it's not just your healing, it's your Calling. It's going to take everything you have inside, but you were born to bring your heart's passions to life. I'm with you every (small) step of the way.


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