It’s easy to get disconnected from your soul voice.

Life seems to get busier, louder, more distracting and demanding all the time.


Even if your shelves are groaning under the weight of a zillion self-help and spiritual books, that next right step or burst of inspiration can still feel frustratingly out of reach.

You may have felt the mysterious ‘call’ of your spirit as she whispers (or shouts!) for you to stop and listen to a deeper voice…but, how do you answer this call?

How do you actually receive the messages that the goddess wants to bring you?

I’ve helped thousands of people connect with their spiritual guides and guardians: divine beings of love delivering healing energy, clear guidance and soul-awakening rituals for your world-weary mind, heart and body.

I had an intuitive session a few weeks ago. I’ve been unable to write anything which truly expresses my gratitude for you and what you channelled.

Three weeks later and I’m still speechless. Your session was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
— Australian client

I’m blessed to have worked 1:1 with people all over the world for over 10 years.

They’ve been generous with their words of thanks (so much so that I can’t fit all the kind words I’ve received in on this page! :))

- and most of them keep coming back for more!

So, what happens in a session with me?

I’m an intuitive channel (I can hear, see, feel & interpret divine energies) and I’ll lead you through a sacred journey so you can receive:

  • bespoke clearing, healing & protection for your chakras & energy field

  • reconnection with your past lives to release present-day blocks & ignite your soul gifts

  • immersion in divine feminine energy to deeply relax & nourish you

  • clear guidance from sacred guides such as goddesses, angels & spirit animals

  • time for you to share & release emotions in a safe space


☥ It’s important that you’re familiar with my writing or work before applying for a consultation.

☥ The best way to prepare for a session is to read or listen to You Are a Goddess, and look at my blog posts.

This makes sure that you’ll get the most out of your time.

I already feel changed by what was shared in that hour. It felt like the best gift ever!

I have no doubt that it’s the beginning of a new phase for me: it’s validating, life-changing, and you were the perfect person to share it.

I had been extremely anxious about my future, and I’m sure my angels and guides came through to remind me that it will be easier now.

So, thank you! There aren’t enough words to tell you what it means to me and I’ll cherish it forever.
— Anna - England
With Nienke, on retreat in Spain. Photo credit: Marijke Thoen

With Nienke, on retreat in Spain. Photo credit: Marijke Thoen


Initial session, 75 mins: £165

Your first session with me is 75 minutes long.

You’ll have the structure explained clearly and time to share.

You’ll then receive intuitive guidance and transmission for around 60 minutes. 

Follow up sessions, 60 mins: £90

These are for clients who’ve had an initial session.

If it’s been a while (12 months or more) since your previous appointment, you’ll need to book a new client session to give enough space to reconnect.

A follow up session can be booked from 4 weeks after the first appointment.  Additional follow ups can be booked no less than 4 weeks apart. 

☥ You need to know this ☥

The way I offer private sessions is changing soon!

Book now to take advantage of the current fees


You’ll be taken through the steps to choose an appointment time below.

A confirmation email will be sent to you, as well as information on how to pay.

Speak to you soon!

I value our sacred time together, and your choice to step into a healing space.

It’s vital to have trust and confidence in who you’re opening your heart up to.

That’s why professionalism, confidentiality and ethics are key in any therapeutic setting. I tell you more about that in the notes below.