Return of the Priestesses

At the turn of this last century, a mystic name George Pickinghill received a psychic message that prophesied a 'large and powerful group of priestesses from ancient Greece [would soon incarnate] in the Western world. Their purpose would be to start laying the foundation for goddesses to become as honoured as the gods again.' (Atasha Fyfe, Past Lives, 2015 Hay House UK)

I believe that this is the tip of the iceberg: many souls with a spiritual heritage in celebrating the sacred feminine are now incarnating from numerous ancient civilisations to raise the consciousness of earth. 

If you've been led to these words today, you are most likely a part of this sacred re-incarnation of the 'priestesses'. Male or female, you resonate deeply with the energy of the goddess, and know you have a contract to bring Her back. 

It's vital to know that you are not alone, and that your mission is supported by the Universe. You'll be led to information to awaken your purpose. You'll find your soul sisters and brothers again, and this will help to strengthen your inner knowing. 

You are part of a loving and healing family of light, all devoted to bringing back the goddess to our parched and starved planet. 



'I am not afraid. I was born to do this.'

- Joan of Arc 
(French heroine and spiritual visionary. Captured, put on trial and burned at the stake aged 19).

Long ago, a systematic and barbaric expulsion of those deemed to be 'witches' or practicing 'magic' or 'sorcery' occurred across Europe and North America. 'Witchcraft', or the connection with any form of divination, magic or supernatural beliefs (but also extended to natural, healing feminine arts such as midwifery), was considered heretical and to be punished by torturous death.

Tens of thousands of women and men were burned over a period of 300 years in the period of Early Modern Europe alone. Historical references point to this mass culling of those practicing divinatory arts as continuing into the late 1700's.

Witch hunts still occur today. In Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea extrajudicial murder (often beheading, lynchings and burnings) and torture of alleged witches are reported with regularity. Witchcraft is a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia, with many reported incidences of torture to 'confession' e.g. for casting an 'impotence or reconciliation spell', and death sentences.

Regardless of the historically documented facts, if you are reading this it is more than likely that you experienced or witnessed the persecution of witches and sorcerers during one or more of your past lives. You will not need to understand it logically: you will feel it as you read these words. You may already be well aware of your sensitivities in this area, as it is one of the greatest physical, emotional and energetic blocks to exposing yourself as a purveyor of the sacred feminine arts.

We do not have to only use the word Witch or Sorcery. We can use, in addition, the words - Healer, Mystic, Wise Woman, Sage, High Priestess/Priest, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Oracle, Diviner, Energy Worker, Herbalist, Midwife, Counsellor, Seer, Magician : these will also conjure up memories of the roles that most of you who are drawn to these words will have played during your past incarnations as Vessels for the Great Mother.

Your emotions are probably stirred when you are taken back to these times. They may range from a vague, unclear discomfort or unsettled feeling, to a raging and unspeakable terror that makes you want to run away and hide yourself forever. These feelings can be extremely intense and visceral, stemming from very deep wounds of the collective feminine psyche, as well as your own personal past-life traumas.

My own past experiences during these times were so horrendous that I still struggle every day with exposing who I am. When I first began using my own spiritual gifts again, and speaking out on the Divine Feminine Cause, I would feel huge waves of almost inexplicable fear that would sometimes threaten to topple me. The only reason that I continued to peel off the layers and practice my gifts was that I created a situation where I had to do it in order to feed my children. This was the 'Divine Trick' that the Universe used in order to get me to walk through the inconceivable fear of being raped, shamed and burned alive for being a Spiritual Woman. I still, even now, have to deal with a great level of anxiety before I reveal anything of who I am, and what I have to say. There is still a base-line fear present that unthinkable things will happen to me if I expose my sacred divine feminine knowledge to the world. It is a step-by-step process.

The reason that I share a little of my own experience now is that this topic demands it. You have to know that you are not alone in feeling anxious or even terrified about revealing your beautiful Goddess-Self. You may not even know that you are blocked in this way, because often the fear controls you through addictions, drama-laden relationships, distractions, procrastination and other kinds of delay-tactics. What I have witnessed through my own spiritual work with others is that nearly all healers and modern-day mystics carry significant traumas from the time of persecution against the Feminine Spirit.

With the Rise of the Goddess Energies that is occurring now, you may feel more intense memories of these times in which you were hunted down and killed for being a Psychic, Energy Worker or Healer of any kind. What I want you to know is that is it safe, and actually necessary, to feel these emotions as they arise. They must come up to be healed and received by the Goddess.

It IS SAFE to practice your Divine Feminine Arts now. Even though it still feels scary, I promise you that nothing is going to happen to you. You can move forward, as fast as you like, and all you will encounter now is welcome, understanding, love and appreciation for what you do. This old Age of Terror against the Feminine is gone, but we are still enduring barbarism, oppression and violence against women and girls all over the world. The Feminine Psyche of the planet holds deep wounds and scars, which urgently need attention.

This is why your Precious Soul is so needed. This is why your spiritual gifts must be used. This is why, despite the fears, you are being encouraged to open up and reveal yourself.

Remember this:

As you heal yourself, you will heal the world. As you bring Light to your own wounds, you will bring Light to the Collective Feminine Wounds. As you continue to move into your true Self, you will pave the way for women all over the world to do the same.

You are the change that we need now.



When The Call to Awakening arrives, everything conspires to make it happen.

As your Soul's consciousness converges with the order of the Universe, so you find that life re-arranges itself in ways that defy logic, and uproot even the best-laid plans of the ego.

When your Soul needs to begin directing your existence here, you will experience significant changes that usually come out of nowhere.

Very often, a sudden jolt into awareness is needed in order to shake up the chakras and get the higher vibrations moving again through your energy bodies.

If you have been pushing down, blocking and suppressing your natural spiritual energy for a long time, circumstances and events will create themselves around you that deliberately take you out of your 'sleep mode'.

The emotions are frequently pressed hard during this initial stage of 'awakening'. Your Higher Self calls in people and experiences that are designed to push your emotional triggers, unlock buried sensations and desires, turn the ascension keys inside your chakras and open the sacred gateways within your innermost being.

People are often thrust into a time of apparent confusion, instability, and dissolution when the Light descends upon, and into, them.

The ego goes through a process of dismantling that it finds disturbing. It will want to do everything to resist the transformations that are underway; will want to grasp and clamour for hard control and the 'known outcome', the guarantee, the fixed solution.

These physical changes, and the stimulation of the emotional body, are very necessary at the Time of Awakening.

They are an integral part of moving a person's awareness into the intuitive, mystical and metaphysical realms. The logical mind will fight these changes, but the Soul knows what It is doing.

The Call to Awakening can feel like a scary process, because it is recalibrating consciousness into the Infinite, the Unknown, and the Sacred Mystery. It is demanding that absolute spiritual trust be rediscovered, re-planted and reborn in the bodies of those who are here to bring in the Light.

In order to get the attention of these people, very often their lives must be turned upside down. They must be shaken to the core so that they catalyse the divine energy that has always rested deep within their beings.

They must be taken vibrantly into the centre of their emotions: therefore, Life will give them exactly what is needed in order for that to happen.

Spiritual Awakening is a process of dismantling, of dissolution, of disarming the ego - but it is also the most exciting and electric journey of discovery.

Sometimes the house of cards comes toppling down all at once, especially when a person is being asked to transform very quickly.

The Divine will always make sure that the right information, the right messages, and the right teachers are sent to all who are going through intensive awakening processes.

The synchronicity and subtle mystery that works through Divine Hands always reaches those who need it most, at perfect moments, in perfect ways.

Remember, that spiritual awakening - or bringing the Light of your Soul into your awareness - is a massive energy process and nearly always demands substantial physical re-ordering.

When structures appear to fall apart, they are doing so because the new frequency that is coming in is of a much higher vibration than what was originally standing.

The new frequencies create change, demand change, and usher in change.

Everything and everyone who cannot withstand the pulsations of these new frequencies as they pour through the person who is awakening - will go.

Things tumble down..things erupt…things crash and crumble and get ripped apart.

It is all part of the Sacred Order. It is all part of the Mystery. It is all part of the Great Plan for a New World.

And when the Old has been cleared away, what glorious space is now created. What glorious new worlds can be seeded and grown here. What new vibrations can live, love and birth themselves.

There is a great mastery at work here. The Ones who are being Awakened will haul this tired earth into a new vitality, a new radiance, a new fabric of gleaming strands; built from the New, crafted from the most Holy, embalmed in all that is precious, sacred and true.

What these brave new warriors and pioneer are doing is breathtaking and worthy of enormous accolades: they are ridding themselves of old skins like snakes, riding into glittering pastures that are yet untrodden, drawing courage down into their solar plexus chakras with great force and determination.

They are being told by the Divine that it is safe to leave the Old behind. And are being given new mandates for Living in authenticity, grace, elegance, power, truth and searing love for earth and Her peoples.

When the Old Life withers and dies, it is the one sign that they have been searching for.

It is the ancient Call from the Sea, telling them that the Time has arrived at last.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Take the chance on your heart.

Risk it all for Love.

Do it before you yourself wither and die.

The breath is calling you. The earth is calling you. The deep nourishment is calling you.

When Death comes, it is always a sign of new life.

And that is something to lend hope to. And it shows that something magnificent is on its way.



A woman's energy is still water, deep and receptive. A woman's energy is the gentlest of breezes, caressing the sky. A woman's energy is a radiant flame, flickering inside a well. A woman's energy is the pulsing earth, holding life.


A woman's energies can be moved, stirred and aroused. When she feels the masculine presence moving towards her, she may allow her energies to begin changing.


As the masculine vibration approaches the feminine, it seeks to enter into the refreshing, tantalising open spaces of her emotions, her sacred spirit, her warm body. It's aim is to start stirring the water, whipping up the breeze, fanning the flames, breaking open the earth.


The masculine is excited, aroused, stimulated and made alive through entrance into the feminine energy field.


This is a spiritual dance: a divine interplay between two exact polarities of cosmic, creative vibration. The feminine needs the masculine in order to open up her sensual radiance and move the heart-forces around her body. The masculine needs the feminine in order to access the heart-space, the emotional frequency, the feeling centres. The masculine needs the feminine in order to feel Life.


If the masculine succeeds in the pursuit to open up the feminine energy and get it flowing for him, he must be careful with the dance he has started. He must be aware of what he is doing, because he is initiating a sacred ritual in her. It is not wise to just 'play' with arousing a woman's energies, because to her, this dance is an ancient prayer. Her deep energies are precious, alchemical forces of love. They are not to be tampered with if the intent is in any way impure or motivated by the desire to only casually provoke.


Her sacred energies are not a curiosity. They are not to be evoked just to plump the masculine ego or provide careless emotional or sexual gratification. A frivolous, devil-may-care attitude towards deep feminine arousal only makes her want to shut down. She may look as if she is 'getting into it', but in truth, if you do not show her that she can trust your Soul with her inner secrets, she will not unlock her richest gifts for you.


If the masculine stirs the feminine water into cresting waves, the air into a forceful whirlwind, the flame into a consuming fire and the earth into a thunderous earthquake, he must be conscious of what his role is in meeting that awakened Shakti power.


He must not run away, hide, avoid his own virility, shut down or simply drop his potent masculine intent. This is a blasphemous move, because a woman's deep feminine responses to this invocation by the masculine are his responsibility to meet and hold. In plain terms, if a man approaches a woman and begins to awaken her deep essence, she will begin to let the sacred energies inside her flow for him.


Her feminine core will begin to open to him, the natural radiance will burn through the protective layers; the feminine healing vibration will start to engage and flow; she will respond to the Call to open. She will be lit up with the promise of how she can finally surrender her softness and receptive nature into his hardness and potency. She will be moved into trusting the fluid revelation of her inner Self to him, in order that he support her with his unmoving presence; his commitment; his devoted mountain of love.


Not all cosmic masculine and feminine dances lead to a relationship. Not all energy exchanges translate into total intimacy, total commitment of the body and Soul. Some can be a pleasurable interlude that lasts only an evening, or even a few moments. The nature of the connection between the feminine and masculine counterparts does not matter. What matters is that the masculine knows what he is doing, even when he only opens up the feminine for 10 minutes and then walks away. If he leaves her with a sense that he understands the glory of what he has just done, she will not feel defiled. She will enjoy the opening that has just occurred, respect and appreciate him for honouring the power of it, and allow it to nourish her and prepare her for deeper exchanges in the future.


If the masculine walks in blind, deaf and dumb to the power he possesses to awaken the deep feminine essence, he risks treading a very dangerous path. If he is not prepared, capable or willing enough to meet the feminine energy that he has aroused once she has woken up, he is placed immediately in the role of coward. He cannot step over the threshold of the temple only to apologise to the priestess that he has forgotten his prayer book. He cannot ask to sit with the Goddess and then get up in the middle of her rites, wanting to flee and exit out of fear and overwhelm.


If he does this, the Goddess will send him to the very back of the student line again, in order to learn and re-learn how to develop his inner masculine so that he is big enough to face Her.


The Feminine adores the Masculine, and needs it. The Awakened Feminine also adores and respects Her Self, and knows that in order for the greatest dance of all time to happen, She must only receive the Masculine when he is ready to meet her awakened energies.


If the Masculine creates the wave before he is ready to ride it, it will crush him. If he stirs the wind before he is ready to have his mind blown, he will be swept away. If he creates a blazing inferno before he is ready to be purified and transformed by the fire, he will painfully burn. If he asks for the earth to crack open before he can withstand the great tremors, he will crumble into dust.


The feminine wants nothing more than to have her energies moved and shaken, yet she yearns for a masculine presence that is spiritually grown-up enough to handle and revel in her when she awakes.

Your Divine Calling is a Healing Process


To answer our divine Calling - and make soulful and rich contributions to Life - we must understand that our Calling is a healing process, not a fixed outcome.

This is where we can make the distinction between feminine and masculine energies and approaches.

The feminine lives within cyclical, spiralling and often unseen, processes. The masculine lives within linear, and outwardly visible, outcomes and solutions.

We use both systems - feminine and masculine - within our experience and behaviour patterns. It just so happens that the feminine ways have been systematically devalued and discredited on our planet for a long time.

What we need to understand when it comes to being aligned with our highest, most healing contribution to the earth, is that healing ourselves is intertwined with healing humanity and the planet.

When we feel there is something valuable that we can offer the world - and especially if we sense that this is coming close to being aligned with our 'true destiny' - we must take great care not to project purely outcome-driven ideas onto our desire to offer up our soul gifts.

For example, if you have a deep yearning to be a Healer and live this truth in service to others, you are most certainly responding to your divine calling.

What you must recognise though, is that this yearning is a feminine-energy based process and is concerned primarily with the process of self-healing that you need to undergo in order to uncover your Healer archetype and role.

Your masculine-based consciousness may have great and grand projections about what your life as a Healer should look like. It probably involves the way you are seen and presented externally, how popular and in demand you are, how quickly you rise 'to the top' and maybe how much money you are making.

There is nothing inherently wrong about having grand projections of this kind, and certainly nothing wrong with having big dreams and visions about what you can achieve. Where you must take care, however, is the times when this singularity of purpose (masculine) occludes the winding and deeper, cyclical (feminine) processes of answering your Calling.

You are called to be a Healer because you want to heal. You want to heal yourself, and you want to awaken your latent healing gifts in order to help others. This process will almost certainly NOT unfold in the way that your masculinised mindset believes that it should.

If you are doing this just to obtain a quick route to fame, money or outer demonstrations of success, it is unlikely to send a strong beam of transformative energy into the universe. It is also unlikely to take you very far into the journey of self-discovery, self-awakening, and self-healing.

The feminine process is at the heart of our Divine Callings to serve the Whole.

Everything that you wish to give to the world is what you want to receive for your own healing, awakening and transformation.

This is why you have to recognise that the first sensations of wanting to answer a Calling deserve to be carefully and sensitively nurtured and listened to.

Yes, of course you can listen to your wildest dreams and become all you were born to be. Yes, of course this is the route to being prosperous on all levels. But your Calling is designed to stretch you and bring you into facing and healing everything that you most fear.

It's not the avoidant route. It's not the lazy route. It's not always the easiest route, because it involves accepting processes that the masculine system finds incredibly difficult: natural timing, being patient, taking one step at a time, building up from the inside out, doing things on the inner planes that are invisible to most people, remembering that simplicity and humility are at the core of divine service.

Answering your Divine Calling is the very bravest act you can elect to undertake, because you nearly always have to do what you are most resisting doing.

Just for a moment, take away your projections of what answering your Calling looks like.

Ask your heart, body and spirit what the next step is on this path.

Listen deeply. As closely as you are able to, heed this message.

Your message may be achingly simple: rest. meditate. go to therapy. be patient. be kind to yourself. talk to someone compassionate. speak up in a way that stretches you. be more disciplined in your approach to learning new things. practice. practice. practice. slow down. let yourself off the hook.

Your Divine Calling knows exactly how to manifest, and yet it has nothing to do with outward, linear projections of success.

Your Divine Calling almost never looks exactly as you think it should.

It always works out in ways that are beyond your mind's projections, and takes you headlong into own inner healing. Your own inner healing clears away impediments to offering yourself up as a gift of love and service.

This, ultimately, makes you a stunningly clear vessel for the Divine to work through.

And that is what your Divine Calling is.