Your Divine Calling is a Healing Process


To answer our divine Calling - and make soulful and rich contributions to Life - we must understand that our Calling is a healing process, not a fixed outcome.

This is where we can make the distinction between feminine and masculine energies and approaches.

The feminine lives within cyclical, spiralling and often unseen, processes. The masculine lives within linear, and outwardly visible, outcomes and solutions.

We use both systems - feminine and masculine - within our experience and behaviour patterns. It just so happens that the feminine ways have been systematically devalued and discredited on our planet for a long time.

What we need to understand when it comes to being aligned with our highest, most healing contribution to the earth, is that healing ourselves is intertwined with healing humanity and the planet.

When we feel there is something valuable that we can offer the world - and especially if we sense that this is coming close to being aligned with our 'true destiny' - we must take great care not to project purely outcome-driven ideas onto our desire to offer up our soul gifts.

For example, if you have a deep yearning to be a Healer and live this truth in service to others, you are most certainly responding to your divine calling.

What you must recognise though, is that this yearning is a feminine-energy based process and is concerned primarily with the process of self-healing that you need to undergo in order to uncover your Healer archetype and role.

Your masculine-based consciousness may have great and grand projections about what your life as a Healer should look like. It probably involves the way you are seen and presented externally, how popular and in demand you are, how quickly you rise 'to the top' and maybe how much money you are making.

There is nothing inherently wrong about having grand projections of this kind, and certainly nothing wrong with having big dreams and visions about what you can achieve. Where you must take care, however, is the times when this singularity of purpose (masculine) occludes the winding and deeper, cyclical (feminine) processes of answering your Calling.

You are called to be a Healer because you want to heal. You want to heal yourself, and you want to awaken your latent healing gifts in order to help others. This process will almost certainly NOT unfold in the way that your masculinised mindset believes that it should.

If you are doing this just to obtain a quick route to fame, money or outer demonstrations of success, it is unlikely to send a strong beam of transformative energy into the universe. It is also unlikely to take you very far into the journey of self-discovery, self-awakening, and self-healing.

The feminine process is at the heart of our Divine Callings to serve the Whole.

Everything that you wish to give to the world is what you want to receive for your own healing, awakening and transformation.

This is why you have to recognise that the first sensations of wanting to answer a Calling deserve to be carefully and sensitively nurtured and listened to.

Yes, of course you can listen to your wildest dreams and become all you were born to be. Yes, of course this is the route to being prosperous on all levels. But your Calling is designed to stretch you and bring you into facing and healing everything that you most fear.

It's not the avoidant route. It's not the lazy route. It's not always the easiest route, because it involves accepting processes that the masculine system finds incredibly difficult: natural timing, being patient, taking one step at a time, building up from the inside out, doing things on the inner planes that are invisible to most people, remembering that simplicity and humility are at the core of divine service.

Answering your Divine Calling is the very bravest act you can elect to undertake, because you nearly always have to do what you are most resisting doing.

Just for a moment, take away your projections of what answering your Calling looks like.

Ask your heart, body and spirit what the next step is on this path.

Listen deeply. As closely as you are able to, heed this message.

Your message may be achingly simple: rest. meditate. go to therapy. be patient. be kind to yourself. talk to someone compassionate. speak up in a way that stretches you. be more disciplined in your approach to learning new things. practice. practice. practice. slow down. let yourself off the hook.

Your Divine Calling knows exactly how to manifest, and yet it has nothing to do with outward, linear projections of success.

Your Divine Calling almost never looks exactly as you think it should.

It always works out in ways that are beyond your mind's projections, and takes you headlong into own inner healing. Your own inner healing clears away impediments to offering yourself up as a gift of love and service.

This, ultimately, makes you a stunningly clear vessel for the Divine to work through.

And that is what your Divine Calling is.