To say that the retreat was life-changing, transformative, sounds like a cliche. But how else can I describe an experience so amazing that the true essence cannot be captured in words!

Being in The Healing Tents with Sophie is a rare opportunity to be immersed in uniquely nourishing and healing spaces.

Borne from a vision given straight after the birth of her second daughter, she has spent over 15 years working to develop a strong connection to the Divine Feminine in preparation for creating The Healing Tents. 

Sophie has been guided to create each Tent in alignment with the energy of specific Goddesses. 

Upon entering a Tent, you will be reuniting with the vibration of powerful sacred feminine guides such as Aphrodite, Kali, Mary Magdelene, Lilith, The White Goddess and many other spiritual masters. 

Many participants experience an inexplicable feeling of 'returning home' when being immersed in these intentional and devotional spaces. 


The Healing Tent Retreats comprise of Sophie leading & giving: 

  • deep channeled meditations & spiritual, healing transmissions
  • teachings from Sophie's connection to the Goddess
  • divine healing activations & attunement
  • talks and guidance on spiritual topics such as boundaries & assertiveness for sensitives
  • hands-on and energy healing
  • supported sharing and devotional circles
  • group & partner work to deepen connection, intuitive practice and awaken true sacred intimacy

Time is always given for confidential sharing and releasing within a supported group space.

What deep, loving days you create for us.



Feeling supported is a key element of Sophie's healing work and transformation processes.

Going on retreat is a deep process; the experience of stepping out of everyday life and into healing space is powerful, and you may find yourself feeling extra-sensitive. 

From the moment you step into the retreat environment to the time that you leave, it is Sophie's intention that you feel held and safe. 

For this reason, Sophie has an experienced team with her whose role is to offer you additional support during and outside the main sessions.

Introducing Karen Godfrey

Karen has worked with Sophie on Retreat for many years, and is Sophie's Support Manager. Karen will check in with you from time to time to see how you are. You can ask Karen if you want to talk outside of the main sessions. 

Karen is a Reiki Master & Teacher, and has supported Sophie's Retreats for years 

Karen is a Reiki Master & Teacher, and has supported Sophie's Retreats for years