The 3 Levels

Here's what the different categories of my retreats & trainings mean.

Level 1

Come Home to The Healing Tents

You'll join a Level 1 event if you've read or listened to You Are a Goddess and are keen to deepen your understanding & practise of these themes.

You'll have a keen interest in working with energy for healing, and an openness to the spiritual realms.

These events are an open-armed welcome to The Healing Tents, where you'll have a secure space to open up to the sacred feminine and the worlds beyond the veil. They're also perfect if you want to relax, recharge and nourish yourself. But they'll also expand and stretch you into the next phase of your spiritual growth.


This level is for you if you:

  • have no prior experience of working with me OR
  • have had 3 or less 1:1 sessions AND/OR attended workshops/talks
  • have some experience of self-reflective therapy, for example: talking & psycho-therapies, counselling & CBT, holistic & complementary therapies, Reiki training, life coaching, yoga or mind-body training
  • are willing to continue your self-healing and transformation journey beyond the event, with additional support if required.

Level 2

Strengthen Your Wings & Fly

To join a Level 2 event, you'll already have some experience of working with me.

This is a chance to work with Divine Feminine guides and other spiritual realms at a more rigorous and expansive level.

Some Level 2 events will offer a certification for professional practice.

Willingness to heal the resistance (that means fear!) you may have to living your highest purpose is important. Work done on these events requires you to be open to deeper emotional processing.


This level is for you if you:

  • have attended 1 or more Healing Tent Retreats and/or
  • have had 4 or more 1:1 sessions or completed any of my new Copper, Silver or Golden Pathways
  • have engaged with self-reflective and emotional-healing therapy such as psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching, rebirthing, spiritual mentoring and so on
  • are able to welcome deeper emotional healing, during & beyond the event.

Level 3

Enter the Inner Sanctum

These events are only for graduates of Level 2 retreats or training.

At Level 3, you'll be exploring divine feminine healing techniques that require a certain depth of experience and awareness.

At this level, it's likely you'll be moving into a teaching, leadership or facilitating role for others.


This level is for you if you:

  • are a graduate of Level 2 retreats or training.

The application process for Level 3 is different to Levels 1 & 2. Most applicants will have been offered a place on an upcoming Level 3 event based on their experience and journey with Sophie.

These events offer a master-level of certification, and are held in small groups.



All registrations are taken individually, so we'll always chat about whether any event is a good fit. And don't hesitate to ask questions if you need more clarity!