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If you can't make the lives don't worry - there will be replays available.


Webinar One

Goddess Aphrodite Journey

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Webinar 1: Aphrodite Sign up

Join me live on Monday 26th of September 2022 6pm BST (10AM PDT// 12PM CDT// 1PM EDT).

Connect with the pure feminine radiance of goddess Aphrodite and experience deep heart healing from her Lemurian rose quartz crystal. Learn how the goddess of love can increase your self-worth and help you to see yourself through the eyes of divine beauty. You’ll experience a guided activation journey to create balanced, beautiful relationships and create a new vibration for your love life.


Webinar Two

Avalon Priestess Journey

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Webinar 2: Avalon Priestess Sign Up

Join me live on Wednesday 28th of September 2022 6pm BST (10AM PDT// 12PM CDT// 1PM EDT).

Activate your inner Priestess abilities by connecting to the ancient divine feminine oracles of Avalon. Take a mini-retreat with the Avalon Priestess to invoke the safe activation of your intuitive powers. Learn about your soul’s past life experiences in the sacred isle of Avalon and awaken your inner vision and spiritual gifts. This journey can help you ‘come out of the cave’ to joyfully use your intuitive and energy healing skills.


Webinar Three

Goddess Isis Journey

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Webinar 3: Goddess Isis Journey Sign Up

Join me live on Friday 30th of September 2022 6pm BST (10AM PDT// 12PM CDT// 1PM EDT).

Ignite your inner power with the magnificent Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Meet the keeper of your most ancient feminine soul contracts inside her Temple of Golden Light. You’ll be helped to open your spiritual wings and receive guidance from Isis on the next steps to create your divine purpose.


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