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What do you get each month?

A 60-minute video workshop

A monthly worksheet

Two 60-minute Zoom sessions

An audio meditation

Private FB group with Sophie

A resources library & guest experts

or £444 Up-Front

£44 pm over 12 months

£444 one-off payment

Subscription plan of £44 pm over a year only available for a limited time! The annual plan is available for the whole enrolment period. 

What can you expect to receive?

I’m an intuitive channel, which means that my teaching is guided by Spirit. Inside The Moon Temple, I'll be led by goddesses, gods and holy guardians of the sacred realms.

These guides will demonstrate powerful lessons for you to work with each month. Here's some sample themes: 

  • transformation & deep clearing: understand how Goddess Kali changes your life
  • grief & emotional release: the power of healing your heart with Mother Mary
  • intuition & stillness: the Avalon Priestesses unlock your deepest inner knowing
  • fear & self-doubt: Goddess Hecate reveals why you may feel stuck, ashamed or afraid to be seen
  • sacred love: Goddesses Lilith & Mary Magdalene ignite your sexual kundalini

Together we'll create a strong devotional practice to help you dedicate time and space for your inner life.

Trust me - this creates miracles!


Enrolment Week: 1st-7th October

Enrolment Opens: 9 am Saturday 1st October

Enrolment Closes: 12 am Midnight Friday 7th October

(early-bird access available for waitlist members from 28th Sept)


£44 per month option only available until Sunday 2nd October

28th September: 9am

Enrolment opens for the priority wait list.

1st October: 9am

Enrolment opens for everyone! Monthly pay is only available until 11:59 Tuesday 2nd October.

7th October: 11.59pm

Doors close at 11.59pm on Friday 7th October.