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guiding you back to the goddess

What's Happening Now is a Divine Feminine Activation

Why is the global crisis connected to divine feminine energy?

The teachings of the Goddess are supremely relevant to the current global experience.

In my book You Are a Goddess, you are taken through a process of divine feminine awakening, healing and transforming.

You enter each etheric Goddess Temple to meet an eternal aspect of the Sacred, each one being a metaphysical activation for your soul.

When awakening is close, you begin by entering the Temple of Kali, the Dark Goddess of Transformation.


Kali, Goddess of Transformation

Kali represents destruction of the known and the familiar. She tears down everything that's impeding your connection with Spirit. She thrusts you headlong, often without warning, into the shocking elements of the Unknown.

Her entrance is akin to a cosmic blast through your chakras. If you've been asleep, closed or suppressed on any level of your Being, Kali will shake you like thunder and lightning. And She won't stop until you're face to face with your sacred truth.

Uncertainty - yes. Fear - yes. A sense of everything that you know as comfortable falling away - yes. Being plunged into the Void - yes.

Cutting away everything that isn't reflecting your deepest truth - yes.

So, Kali IS the Unknown Mystery, and She reminds us that our ego's obsession with control is an illusion.


Mother Mary, the Emotional Healer

Your journey then leads you to Mother Mary, the great emotional healer.

You find that you need to express deeply-buried feelings that may have been 'locked down' (sound familiar right now?) for eons.

Mother Mary helps you to feel, and to release mountains of grief and repressed pain. And, just to be in the healing power of unrestricted emotions, which is one of the keys to your spiritual creativity.

The pathway continues, through many other vital Temples of Divine Feminine healing.


Great Mother Isis of Egypt

Finally, you come soul to soul with the Great Mother Isis of Egypt.

This is your Golden moment. She reminds you of a Soul Purpose that had been long forgotten and suppressed.

She illuminates the most powerful rays of your sacred contract to the Universe and Earth.

Once you meet Goddess Isis again, your life can never be the same.

You begin with Kali, and take a huge nosedive into the Unknown. Cycling through the Goddess Temples, you're immersed in a profound process of spiritual change.

As you reclaim your Sacred Contracts, you are emptied out, healed, emboldened and woken up to what you are really here for.

You are touched by the Goddess, and can start to really live from your Soul's truth. It's not always a comfortable journey, and yet you were born for this. Actually, you chose this.

The energy of each Temple works for you, not against you.

The Goddesses are with you - they have never left. Now is your time to come into closer communion with your Soul than you have ever known.

It is the time when the Goddess roars her divine missives from the mountaintop.

There is no escape from your Soul's true purpose. It must be lived, given, and embodied - now.

There is no other way.

All rights reserved. Copyright Sophie Bashford 2020. Do not reproduce without permission.