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Where My Soul Places Me

Where my soul places me is not for me to judge

Where my Soul places me is not for me to judge. There is always something I can be giving in every situation I am placed in. There is always a deeper place that I am being asked to open to in my heart.

If I stop judging my circumstances just for this moment, am I able to see what it is that my Soul is requiring from me?


If I observe through the eyes of my soul, what do I see?

If I stop to breathe deeply, and to find the space between breaths, is a tentative place of surrender possible?

If I ask to observe my situation from the eyes of my Soul, what do I see now?

Does it look different?

If I look, listen and feel into this circumstance or event or issue with pure acceptance and knowing that it is perfect for me and my growth, do I feel even a glimpse of peace?

Beyond that, can I now begin to reveal to myself how this situation is opening my heart to greater levels of compassion, trust, generosity, perseverance, devotion?

If a situation feels intolerable in any moment, can I draw down any Light from my Soul's wisdom and perceive it as a gift?


If what's happening is a gift, can you feel it?

What is the Gift right now?

Go deep, and ask your heart.

Your heart has an answer for you.

If what is happening now is a gift for you, can you feel it?

Divine gifts very often don't come packaged as we expect. They come packaged in challenges, obstacles, perceived failures and being stretched past our known limits.

They come as being led down a path that doesn't look very well lit.

They come as everything being turned upside down, and inside out.

The deepest gifts of the Soul come from seeing way beyond the material realm, and into the realm of the raw open heart, the vulnerable gaze, the witnessing of another's pain and another's ecstasy, the comfort of a gentle hand, the sharing of truths, the exquisitely simple things in life, the natural and beautiful things, the things that are available to all of us, most of the time.


It's safe to feel uncertain

Where your Soul has placed you now is perfect for you. This is divine truth, and it is safe to accept it.

It's safe to feel peaceful with Life as it offers itself to you in this wide-open moment. It's safe to feel that you are breaking open, it's safe to feel that you don't know, it's safe to feel that you are uncertain, it's safe to feel that you are lost.

You can feel peaceful with all states of Being. Life keeps flowing to you and through you. Let the Divine show you now how this moment and state of Being is serving you.

Un-guard yourself from the truth of your Soul's voice, now.

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