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The Healing Tents

retreats & training

Ignite the wisdom of your soul.

Retreats are only available if you've completed The Moon Temple Journey, my foundation course.

The Healing Tents

retreats & training with sophie

The Healing Tents are devotional spaces where you can be held, seen and listened to with love. Gathering in circles with like-souled friends, you'll release what no longer serves you, receive curative sacred feminine energies, and restore your spirit to wholeness.

Sophie's retreats are like being held in a womb. The details are exquisite and intentional. She leads us through a deep dive into our feminine essence.


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The Healing Tent Retreat:
Kuan Yin

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The time comes when you need everything to stop.

And when it comes, there's just no other way but to drop it all for a while... fiercely honour that voice in your heart that's craving space from the regular and routine, the never-ending chatter and noise, the topsoil of your life.

When that voice doesn't go away, it's your ancient feminine soul speaking to you.

She asks for silence. She asks for stillness. She asks for deep listening.

She asks for...


Step out

of everyday life


Immerse yourself

in safe, sacred spaces


the wisdom, healing and initiations

of your soul.

The retreat was like coming home to the true essence of who I really am, deep down. This experience is without doubt life-changing and deeply transformational. I will never be the same. The truth is, words can't describe it.


Lina Siring, Healing tent retreat, turkey

'Phenomenal' is the one word I would use to describe Sophie's retreats.


May Lim, healing tent retreats, turkey & spain


entering the energy field of the Healing Tents, where nothing else matters but the healing, awakening and transforming of your soul.

Be reunited with the Temples of ancient sacred feminine guides, like Aphrodite, Kali, Mary Magdalene, Lilith, Mother Mary and many other spiritual masters.

Feel like you've truly returned home, and that it's finally safe to unburden your heart, receive the keys to your deep purpose, and allow your feminine energy to flow freely once again.


What happens inside

Over the course of a few days or an entire week, you'll be part of an intuitively-created transformational programme, guided by me.


Inside our Healing Tent space we'll open up to the richest, most intensive divine healing practice.

Honestly, I'm not able to tell you exactly what will happen once you step into the retreat or training circle. That's because the experience is created through me: I'm 100% led by my sacred guides and mentors.

What I can tell you is that each Healing Tent experience provides the womb-space for life-changing rebirth. It's a chance to connect intimately with ancient ritual and guidance from universal sources of love.

Here's an example overview of what you'll get in my daily workshops on retreat.


Inside my you'll receive:


bespoke channeled meditations & healing transmissions from me


spiritual teaching on themes from You Are a Goddess and beyond


energy healing & sacred initiations


group & partner practice to develop feminine intuitive & healing skills


supported sharing & devotional circles


talks on relevant topics such as: being a sensitive/empath in the modern world, releasing past-life fears and so on


When is the next Retreat?

All retreats & training have been postponed due to the pandemic. Sign up to the mailing list to get updates.

I was always excited for the coming session. Sophie balanced the programme carefully so that there was something for everyone. After each session I felt elevated into new dimensions. The balance and harmony Sophie created was exceptional. She ensured that everyone felt wanted, secure, safe and precious.


Anita cyan, healing tent retreat, turkey

The Healing Tents

An Experience of a Lifetime

The Healing Tents are inspired by a divine message that I received immediately after the birth of my daughter, Indigo.

These special retreat spaces offer a cocoon of emotional safety, the perfect setting to open up to powerful spiritual forces, and the chance to heal deeply in a highly-supportive sanctuary.

So that you get the best out of your experience with me, you'll join a retreat or training at either Level 1, 2 or 3.

The Healing Tents

The 3 Levels

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Level 1

You'll join a Level 1 event if you've read or listened to You Are a Goddess and are keen to deepen your understanding & practise of these themes. You'll have a keen interest in working with energy for healing, and an openness to the spiritual realms.

This level is for you if you:

  • have no prior experience of working with me OR
  • have had 3 or less One-to-One sessions or attended workshops/talks
  • have some experience of self-reflective therapy, for example: talking & psycho-therapies, counselling & CBT, holistic & complementary therapies, Reiki training, life coaching, yoga or mind-body training
  • are willing to continue your self-healing and transformation journey beyond the event, with additional support if required.

Level 2

To join a Level 2 event, you'll already have some experience of working with me. This is a chance to work with Divine Feminine guides and other spiritual realms at a more rigorous and expansive level.

This level is for you if you:

  • have attended 1 or more Healing Tent Retreats and/or
  • have had more than 3 One-to-One sessions or completed any of my new Copper, Silver or Golden Pathways
  • have engaged with self-reflective and emotional-healing therapy such as psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching, rebirthing, spiritual mentoring and so on
  • are able to welcome deeper emotional healing, during & beyond the event.
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Level 3

These events are only for graduates of Level 2 retreats or training. At Level 3, you'll be exploring divine feminine healing techniques that require a certain depth of experience and awareness. At this level, it's likely you'll be moving into a teaching, leadership or facilitating role for others.

This level is for you if you:

  • are a graduate of Level 2 retreats or training.

The application process for Level 3 events is different to Levels 1 & 2.

Most applicants will have been offered a place on an upcoming Level 3 event based on their experience and journey with Sophie.

These events offer a master-level of certification, and are only held in small groups.



Please note: the above outlines are for guidance, to give you an idea of which retreat may be right for you. We'll take your application individually though, so there's always a chance to chat about whether a particular event is a good fit.

To say the retreat was life-changing, transformative, empowering - it sounds like a cliché. But how else can I describe an experience so amazing that the true essence cannot be captured in words!


jana, healing tent retreat, turkey

The retreat was beyond any expectation I might have had. It was a profound and life-shifting experience for me.


Emmanuelle Barone, healing tent retreat, spain

Retreats & Training in 2021 and beyond

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If you're a man on the spiritual path wanting to evolve into the next level of your purpose and beyond, I thoroughly recommend attending one of Sophie's retreats. It will awaken your heart, your soul and your senses!


Oliver gray, healing tent retreats, wales & spain

Photographs on location at Healing Tent Retreats are copyright Marijke Thoen Photography & Kirsty Targrass.