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Monday 6th July at 7pm Sydney time


9pm NZST / 2.30pm IST / 10am BST (London)

Recording is sent after the event

This is a time of enormous transition for our planet. We are releasing old ways of living and awakening to new higher consciousness.

Your soul wisdom is needed to guide Earth into the New.

As a sensitive, empath and light-worker, it's vital that you look after your energy so that your soul can be of service.

Sacred feminine energy is gathering intensively, and your connection to the Goddess is being activated.

You may feel extra need for support during this wave of change, so I'm holding a 60-minute webinar to nourish and guide you.


In this webinar you will:

  • receive nurturing, clearing & healing light from divine sources
  • easily release any heavy energies & emotions
  • acknowledge & process your feelings in a healing space
  • receive support & protection from high-frequency spiritual guides (especially the Archangels & Goddesses)
  • open your Crown Chakra to receive personal divine guidance

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