Your journey with me

Take these steps to expand and deepen your connection to the divine feminine and sacred realms, by moving through three levels. You'll receive expert intuitive guidance and be held safely within each stage of your journey.

Level One

The Moon Temple Journey

online course: 1 year

You'll join The Moon Temple Journey if you're drawn to working more closely with the themes in my book, You Are a Goddess and are keen to deepen your understanding & practise with the divine feminine.

You'll have a keen interest in working with energy for healing, and an openness to the spiritual realms.

The Moon Temple Journey is a 12-month online retreat to work with  powerful goddesses and sacred guides. You'll have a secure and protected energetic space to open up to the sacred feminine and the worlds beyond the veil.

This level is ideal for you if you:

  • have no prior experience of working with me
  • attended workshops/talks
  • worked with me 1:1
  • have a little or some experience of self-reflective practice, for example: talking therapies, holistic & complementary therapies, Reiki training, life coaching, yoga or mind-body training (if you've done none of these types of therapies, don't worry, we can advise you)
  • are willing to follow monthly themes with self-reflection prompts & nourishing exercises
  • are ready to open to self-healing and transformation with the divine feminine.

Level Two

The Moon Temple: Sacred Circle

online vip membership

To move into Sacred Circle VIPs, you'll have completed the twelve-month Moon Temple Journey.

In the Sacred Circle membership, you gain access to the 'inner sanctum' of The Moon Temple portal. You'll be guided through monthly themes, meeting new spiritual guides and substantially deepening your connection with the divine feminine, divine masculine and cosmic realms.

You'll receive a certificate after being a member of Sacred Circle for twelve months.



This level is for you if you:

  • have completed the full twelve-month Moon Temple Journey
  • are ready for more intensive energy work
  • are willing to follow monthly workbooks to help you expand your awareness of the divine feminine, masculine and cosmic realms
  • are able to welcome deeper inner healing and spiritual growth.

Level Three

Retreats & Training

exclusive in-person events

Your exclusive chance to work with Sophie in-person in a small group! These events are only open to graduates of The Moon Temple and Sacred Circle.

At an Advanced level, you'll be exploring and learning divine feminine healing techniques so that you can use them in one-to-one or group settings. You'll be immersed in the healing benefits of the retreat experience led by Sophie.

This is the only opportunity to work with Sophie on retreat.


This level is for you if you:

  • are a graduate of The Moon Temple Journey PLUS
  • have been a member of Sacred Circle membership for at least 3 months OR have worked with Sophie one-to-one for at least 3 months

These events offer a high level of certification, and are held in small groups.