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3 Steps to Awakening Angelic Energy

What is angelic energy?

Angelic energy is a high-frequency light that's unique to the angels. It's the signature healing vibration of the angelic realm. Angelic energy is calming, healing, purifying and unconditionally loving. It's rooted in the divine feminine, yet can also be connected to the divine masculine. The energy of the angels raises consciousness, opens up miraculous perceptions, and awakens the heart.

How can I connect to angelic energy?

You can connect to angelic energy through working with angel guides (such as Archangels). This article though, is about how to awaken the angelic essence in your own spirit. When going through an 'earth angel awakening', you'll find that synchronicity and 'destiny' seem to lead you to the right places. The perfect teachers and information will appear.  They'll help you to re-awaken your innate angelic energy.

What are earth angels?

Earth angels (sometimes called incarnated angels) are people who've existed in the angelic realm before living on this planet. These 'angels on earth' have a set of qualities that mark them out as different to others. They have a special mission in this lifetime to deliver angelic light to the world. Before they understand who they really are, most earth angels find life on earth to be challenging. This is because their innate angelic template makes them incredibly sensitive to energy. A whole host of issues can arise from this extreme sensitivity, unless earth angels actively work on themselves to understand their unique nature.

How do I know if I'm an earth angel?

This is a complex topic, but you may be an earth angel if:

  • you are drawn to angel imagery or information about them
  • people often call you 'angel' in conversation, for example "oh Sally, you're an angel!"
  • you see classic angel 'signs' such as white feathers, repeated numbers (especially 4, 44, 444) & flashes of coloured sparkling lights in your peripheral vision
  • you have a predominantly introverted nature
  • you've often found yourself in relationships that are unbalanced, with you giving more than you are receiving
  • you always see the best in people, are very trusting, and let people behave badly over and over again
  • you absorb other people's emotional baggage like a sponge
  • you've always attracted people who need a lot of healing
  • you love nature and quiet spaces, and can feel overwhelmed in urban or over-stimulated environments
  • you have a raw emotional nature, and feel very deeply

This is a very simple overview of earth angel traits and qualities.  If you're reading this article, it's a clear sign in itself that you could be an incarnated angel on earth!


3 steps to awakening your angelic energy

Most earth angels will go through a series of triggers that awaken their angelic 'codes'  (sacred knowledge and symbols in their auras). The details of these triggers are different for each angelic soul, but here's 3 easy ways you can support yourself as an awakening earth angel.

Connect to Your Angel Wings

All earth angels have psychic wings that can only be seen or felt by clairvoyants (or the earth angel herself once she's opened up her inner vision). These wings carry vital spiritual information and healing abilities. When earth angels are asleep, their wings can become damaged, closed down and painfully ignored. This can create a whole host of symptoms on every level, but one major sign of shut-down angel wings is soreness in-between the shoulder blades that doesn't respond to massage or treatments.

The first step to connecting to your angel wings is to simply imagine what they might look and feel like.

In your next meditation, hold the intention of 'seeing' your wings, and write down what you pick up. However your wings are showing up today, just give them love. This may be the first time they've ever been acknowledged in this lifetime. Continue to breathe light and healing into your wings, and hold the intention for them to be brought to life.


Start Noticing the Balance in Your Relationships

Earth angels are the supreme 'givers' of the light-worker community. Love, healing, caring and nurturing just pours from their heart chakras. They can't seem to stop the flow of empathy and nourishment as it intuitively seeks out those who are most thirsty for this angel love. This is a beautiful and sacred trait, but it must be used wisely and with discernment if earth angels are to create much-needed balance in their lives.

Sometimes, earth angels can even find themselves in severely unbalanced relationships that are abusive and highly toxic.

The first step to re-balancing your relationships is to just notice, and bring observations to the surface. 

Are you always the one who offers support, endless listening and advice to your friends or partners? Do you often seem to attract (and be attracted to) people who are hold trauma inside and seem helpless, emotionally damaged or in need of rescuing? Or maybe their unhealed wounds manifest as bullying, over-controlling behaviour, or manipulation.

Whilst you have a vital healing role on the planet, you're not the saviour of the world.

Learning how to be clear about where you begin and end, and how destructive it can be to absorb the suffering of others as your own, is a part of your earthly life lessons.

At this stage, just notice and awaken to the truths that come up as you read and meditate on this. You don't have to change anything yet (although if you know you're in a violent or dangerous situation, please reach out for help, as soon as you can).

Visualise an angel in your mind's eye, and imagine that angel pouring light and wisdom over all your relationships. Ask this angel to help you balance how you give and receive, and recharge your aura so you attract people who value and respect you. You're worthy of being in relationships that honour your beautiful angelic energy.


Respect & Love Your Sensitivity

Earth angels have highly sensitive energy fields. They pick up and absorb emotional and psychic vibration like a sponge. This can make living on earth a real challenge at this time, because we live in a world that is still to a large extent unconscious, and controlled by fear and ego.

Being sensitive means that you're always picking up on the feelings and vibrations of other people and places. These emotions and psychic messages don't need to be explicit or outwardly spoken: on the contrary, earth angels tend to tune into suppressed energies the most.

This angelic sensitivity is a deep and precious gift. 

It gives earth angels their intuitive radar that make them such highly-skilled therapists, healers, carers, creatives and new-thought pioneers.

As an earth angel you're a spiritually-attuned empath. You most likely have profound intuitive and psychic gifts, but they could be shut down.

The first step in harnessing your sensitivity is to protect it. There's lots of ways to do this - here's some vital keys: 

  • make sure you protect your energy field (or aura) every day by visualising pure white light surrounding your whole body like an eggshell. Do this morning and evening.
  • practice saying 'no' to requests or invitations that don't feel good to you. If you know you always feel overloaded by going to a certain kind of event, give yourself permission to decline, or perhaps attend but only stay for an hour.
  • eat food that's as close to it's original, natural state as possible. Avoid chemicals and processed foods, especially too much refined sugar. Make sure you get 'grounding' foods such as organic potatoes & root vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
  • honour your need for meditation, quiet reflection, stillness, prayer and being in nature. You'll need more and more of this as you awaken your angelic self.
  • clear your energy field every morning and evening by visualising a waterfall of white or clear light flowing over your entire aura. If you're familiar with chakras, do your favourite chakra cleanse with special intention for your angelic energy to be cleared.

This is the beginning of awakening your angelic energy

There's lots more to come on the journey to harnessing your earth angel mission. Trust that the universe will lead you to the perfect next steps to awakening your angelic energy, in divine timing.

You're a precious and much-needed angel on earth!