My New Website is On It’s Way!

You can take a sneak peek at my new branding & logo

on my Facebook & Instagram pages

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I can’t wait to bring you the fresh energy (hint: it’s gold & silver!) and brand new ways of working with me.

All my love,

Sophie x



You always seem to know exactly what I need to hear.

You have no idea what your words do to help me propel forward in this complicated world.
— Karen, Wise Tribe member
You have no idea how much I needed [your email] - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

You have always made my day each time your email is there.
— Katie, Wise Tribe member
Every woman in the world needs to read or hear this book!
There is magic, healing balm, rites of initiation, and global hope. Girl, woman or elder: this book is a must-read and one to share across generations.
— reviewer
Brilliantly written with an extraordinary spiritual integrity, sincerity and intensity, you will certainly quickly understand that this is more than a book. It is a sacred gift and legacy to all humanity.
— Amazon reviewer



I’m sure you can feel it too. You’re ready to bring more of the sacred into your life.

You’re ready for more meaning, and to live from what’s really true inside you.

That’s why I’m so excited (and impatient, if truth be told!) to bring you my new website and divine offerings.

there’s my ☾Moon Temple, a private members club for those who LOVE the Goddess, and yearn to connect with their feminine energy regularly.

(a heads-up, this includes live online workshops!)

there’s also brand new packages for going VERY DEEP with me in private session (this is life-changing, believe me)

and…an extremely carefully-curated Healing Tent Retreat & Training programme - which is SO special that I’m taking my time with it.


As you know, all creative processes are like giving birth: they take natural time, trust, patience and surrender to the Divine Plan!

But I really want to give you the best of me, because that’s what I feel passionately that the Divine Feminine deserves.

☥ Your rebirth into the light matters.

☥ Your sacred gift to the world matters (more than you probably know).

☥ Your times spent inside the cave, and the darkness, and the wilderness matter.

☥ Your reclaiming of all that’s most powerful and true within you - really, really matters.

And it matters more than ever now that you live your soul’s destiny.

We all need your uncensored light, love and raw feminine power.

I can’t wait to bring the best support in the universe to help you live it.


I’ll be leading a 1-day workshop at Alternatives on November 16

At Hay House UK’s  I Can Do It! 2018  // Photo credit: Hay House UK

At Hay House UK’s I Can Do It! 2018 // Photo credit: Hay House UK

“Extraordinary! It is phenomenal: I have never been so deeply moved and captivated by a book.”
— Audible reviewer
Sophie’s book is the most wonderful, inspiring, supportive & loving book I have ever read. It strengthens me every time I read it again, because it is written from a place of truth, depth & unconditional love. I would advise everyone who is looking for this divine truth to read this book & be held in the arms of divine love. Sophie’s words are a gift!
— Amazon review

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"My experience at Sophie's retreat was nothing short of miraculous. The energy that was created under the Healing Tents turned me inside out and opened me up to something that I hadn't allowed myself to see before.

The reason you think you're going to one of Sophie's retreats is not why you're there.. but you'll find out. And the truth will astound you."

- Erin, Heart of the Dark Goddess Retreat, May 2017

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it was exactly everything that my soul needed to read in this moment..

I have tears (but good ones) and I’m smiling with relief.

I have a new sense of feeling taken care of and loved.
— Elaine, Wise Tribe member