Brilliantly written with an extraordinary spiritual integrity, sincerity and intensity, you will certainly quickly understand that this is more than a book. It is a sacred gift and legacy to all humanity.
— Amazon reviewer
β€œExtraordinary! It is phenomenal: I have never been so deeply moved and captivated by a book.”
— Audible reviewer

To celebrate the release of You Are a Goddess, we are keeping the offer of exclusive free gifts going for a few more days..

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I feel you’re going to love the audiobook version of You Are a Goddess! Enter the temple of Kali with me as your guide in this free sample.

You can get the full audiobook from Audible - and remember, all the meditations and divine activations given in the book are recorded by me. So you can just lie back, relax deeply and allow the Goddess to touch you with Her Light.



"My experience at Sophie's retreat was nothing short of miraculous. The energy that was created under the Healing Tents turned me inside out and opened me up to something that I hadn't allowed myself to see before.

The reason you think you're going to one of Sophie's retreats is not why you're there.. but you'll find out. And the truth will astound you."

- Erin, Heart of the Dark Goddess Retreat, May 2017

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