It's not just your healing. It's your Calling.

New for 2022

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle

A 44-card deck & guidebook

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle

Connect with the divine feminine, masculine and magical energies of this sacred oracle to receive guidance for inner healing and spiritual growth.

The 44 vibrant and soulful cards depict a diverse collection of powerful global deities and spiritual guides to divinely support, empower and inspire your path.

Hi, I'm Sophie.

An author, intuitive practitioner, retreat creator and divine feminine healer.

Here to help you get in touch with the voice of your inner goddess (caution: will activate transformation).

It's not a straight path, as you'll hear from my story.

But I'll teach you how to hear the wake-up messages from your wise soul.

This could be the beginning of answering that Calling..

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New Meditations

Listen to my guided audio meditations with Goddesses, Gods and Guardians.

I've created these channeled journeys as a sacred accompaniment to my new oracle cards, out 15th February.

Find these meditations on the Hay House App and listen free for 14 days!


Sophie is an intuitive channel for the sacred. You Are a Goddess is a must read for all women who have heard the call to rise. 

Rebecca Campbell, Author of 'Rise Sister Rise' & 'Light is the New Black'

Sophie is a goddess and I've been enjoying her work for years. So glad she's written this long-awaited book! 

Yasmin Boland, Astrologer & Author of 'moonology'

The moment I heard Sophie speak at a Hay House event, I knew her book would move me. You Are a Goddess is a beautifully soul-stirring read. Goose-pimple inspiring. 

Jessica Huie MBE, Entrepreneur & Author of 'Purpose'

You Are a Goddess reminds us of the Divine Feminine, a lineage of fierce love that exists within every one of us, and connects us to our own power, and to the truth of who we are. 

Meggan Watterson, Author of 'The Divine Feminine Oracle' & 'Mary Magdalene Revealed'

#1 bestseller

Get The Book:
You Are a Goddess

You Are a Goddess


Little did I know how much this book would impact me. It's resonated beyond measure. I've cried with happiness - every chapter has come at the perfect time. 

lara raybone, model & embodiment coach

Every woman in the world needs to read or hear this book! There is magic, healing balm, rites of initiation, and global hope. This book is a must-read and one to share across generations. 

Christina Katz, Author, journalist & coach

This book is literally divine. Pure wisdom and gorgeous story telling. It transformed me, and made me feel known and healed in ways I didn’t know I could be.

Sanja Aramovic, poetess & author
Kate+0162 (1)

This book has been like finding the missing piece in the jigsaw of my life. Sophie's voice spoke directly to my soul. 

kate bedell, artist

Sophie's book has changed my life! It stays with me all day, and beside me all night. There's no words to describe how amazingly beautiful it is. I recommend it to every woman. 

Elle Palmer-Thompson, Entrepreneur
8V1A0673.jpg cropped

You Are a Goddess moved me to tears. Sophie’s words are so honest, empowering and uplifting - making the book so good I couldn’t put it down. 

Philippa Clark, england

Meet Your Inner Wise Guide

Light your favourite candle, make yourself comfortable. You need this.

In my gentle audio meditation you'll meet a spiritual guide who's here to lead you to the perfect wisdom-infused message for today.

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She has moved mountains in me: lit up the darkest, blindest spots in my journey and showed me the way. Sophie is a torchlight for humanity.


bilge inal, female leadership coach & trauma therapist

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