Hi there,

So happy you're here.



Let's thank your

Guardian Angels

right now.

No matter how you discovered me (your guardian angels just might be involved) - I'm so glad we've found each other.

I love it when destiny steps in and gives us a helping hand. Because I'm almost certain we're soul family.


I'm an intuitive teacher, bestselling Hay House author and healing retreat creator.

But the path to discovering my gifts, and reuniting with my soul family hasn't been a straight line.

One thing I know:

my angels have had a lot to do with it!

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My first book You Are a Goddess, which tells you nearly everything you need to know about the sacred feminine, is flying off the shelves worldwide.

I've been on a path of healing, awakening and transforming for over 20 years - and love helping others to do the same.

I'm just about to launch a brand new private members group (it's called The Moon Temple). OMG, so excited!

It started with a coincidence. Someone showed me the poem 'If You Choose to Love an Awakened Woman'. I began receiving Sophie's emails. They lifted me up, kept me going; made my spine tingle and heart jump. They spoke straight to my soul. I ordered You Are a Goddess and couldn't stop reading. I've learned so much from this book! Every woman would benefit from reading it.

Liv Anne ardal, norway

Become one of

Sophie's writings never cease to touch my spirit and my heart. I have lost count of the times that there's been a synchronicity for me in her weekly message. It always helps me move forward and I bless the day Spirit led me to Sophie's wisdom. 

Rachel Sheffler, Texas, USA

I love being part of the Wise Ones! Sophie is so kind and generous with sharing her teachings. Each week I truly enjoy connecting with the divine through her words and wisdom. It's a joy to have this energy so close! 

Cindy Figueroa, Belgium

I look forward to Sophie's email every Sunday with great anticipation.  And for me that says a lot.  I don't subscribe to many email lists like hers.  The Sunday emails are almost uncanny in their timing - always the right words at the right time. 

Celine Surrell-Mazarani, Florida, USA

I love Sophie's emails! They are so full of life, joy, charm, good energy and they inspire me every single time. I always smile when I see an email from her. 

Teodora Paul, Romania

When I notice Sophie's email in my inbox I'm always eager to open it up. The message always resonates with something I've been thinking about - it's special & magical! I love her clear explanations and humour.  The Wise Ones community is a comforting reminder that there's like-minded women out there. I recommend reading her book too - I literally couldn't put it down !

Katie Holliwell, England

First things first.

Your next step? Grab my free audio meditation. 

(By the way, you'll soon learn that uniquely-channeled, guided meditations are my 'thing'. I'm kind of known for them.)

This one will introduce you to your very own spiritual Wise Guide. I promise to make it an inspiring experience.

You'll then be part of my Wise Ones community, and the first to hear about EVERYTHING in my world. Plus you'll get bucketloads of guidance every Sunday that I never share elsewhere.

Sophie is one of the rare jewels on earth. Working with her connects you with crystal clear energy and sacred wisdom of universal masters, gods and goddesses - with your own guides - and with your soul at the deepest level. What more could you ask for?


nicole ming - spiritual entrepreneur, switzerland

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Heard about my book?

I've been writing heart-and-soul infused words for over a decade on my much-loved FB Page, but last year a dream became reality and You Are a Goddess was born.

If you need a dose of the very best sacred feminine medicine, this is for you.

Choose from the paperback or the audio, narrated by me. Or, do what so many people are doing and get both. You won't regret it.

Come into my life, I've got to show you

Old enough to remember that song? A Joyce Sims classic, circa 1987. One of my dance floor faves. Have a listen to Joyce's soulful tones as you discover even more about my world.

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Can't wait to get our journey together started.

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