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It takes courage to look within, and follow the whispers (or yells) of your soul. Opening to healing offers the chance to live your highest destiny. To do this takes patience, surrender, fierce commitment and conscious work. The rewards? Too profound and immeasurable to describe.

The Moon Temple


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the sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul

Members Group

The Moon Temple

The Moon Temple is a members-only group for people who want to deepen their connection to the sacred feminine.

It's a year-long guided journey, where you'll join me twice a month online for live webinar workshops.


Included in your Moon Temple package is an extra-special Facebook group, where I'll be on hand regularly to offer close support and encouragement.

This year's journey opens for enrolment in September 2022.


One to One

Copper, Silver & Golden Paths

I've designed 3 pathways for one-to-one work based on my extensive experience as an intuitive practitioner.

Work intimately with me over 3, 6 or 9 months and receive a certificate of completion at the end.


I'm here for you if you're ready to make a sincere commitment to soaring personal and spiritual growth.

Let's meet in sacred space to unleash your passionate dreams, uncover those hidden gifts and unmask your divine beauty.

The Healing Tents

Retreats & Training

The Healing Tents are devotional spaces where you can be held, seen and listened to with love. Gathering in circles with like-souled friends, you'll release what no longer serves you, receive curative sacred feminine energies, and restore your spirit to wholeness.

These special retreat spaces offer a cocoon of emotional safety, the perfect setting to open up to powerful spiritual forces, and the chance to heal deeply in a highly-supportive sanctuary. Events are offered at Levels 1, 2 or 3, to make sure you get the best out of your retreat or training.

A deep thank you to Marijke Thoen and the beautiful women sharing in this video.

In-person retreats have been postponed until further notice


Working with Sophie has helped me regain so much trust in life, in the feminine cycles and truth of my own heart. There is a depth, purity and sincerity in her work that is like a rare jewel. I feel deeply blessed that I was guided back to her in this lifetime.


Anne Britt tobler, 1:1 & healing tent retreat

Showing Up Is 50% of The Work

When my spirit chose a radically different path to the one I'd been expecting for my life, I was terrified. I didn't know if I could do it; create what was being pulled from my raw insides, from a place of unguarded emotion and pure intuitive guidance.

With absolute sincerity, I can tell you that all I've done is show up - pulling hard upon every rope of strength and courage I have within me - to each baby step that appeared. And some days, that step felt like a towering mountain to climb. The guideposts weren't laid out, like a bullet-point list for me to follow. They were embedded deeply in the night sky like starry constellations, the feminine-soul roadmap to my destination.

So when you work with me, I'll be walking every step alongside your starry path, helping you remember the language of light, the way of the mystic feminine, the spiral paths back home.

And I'll do everything in my power to make sure you keep showing up.


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