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The moment I heard Sophie speak at a Hay House event, I knew her book would move me. You Are a Goddess is a beautifully soul-stirring read. Goosepimple inspiring.


jessica huie MBE, author & entrepreneur

My session with Sophie honoured me and my truth in a very moving and powerful way. She connected with my angels and guides so clearly, sharing messages I absolutely needed to hear. It's not an exaggeration to say that it was a life-changing moment for me, and one that continues to impact the way I feel and how I share my own gifts.


anna grace taylor - angel therapist, england

I've worked with numerous, expertly trained and gifted intuitives. I've never come across such engaging, insightful and clearly channeled messages as those which flow through Sophie.


chryssa gardner, usa

If you are drawn to Sophie's work, don't think for a second! You'll be under her safe, soft gaze, guided with her comforting voice, and in her powerful, healing space.


bilge inal - therapist & coach, turkey

Sophie's retreats are like being held in a womb. The details are exquisite and intentional. She leads us through a deep dive into our feminine essence.


Adrienne dinkelacker, usa

Sophie's book changed my life! It was like she was speaking to me directly. It stays with me all day and night, there's no words to describe how amazingly beautiful it is.


elle palmer-thompson, usa

Sophie is a rare jewel on earth. Working with her connects you with crystal clear energy and sacred wisdom. With your guides and multi-dimensional supporters, and with the core of your whole being. What more could you ask for? I’m deeply grateful to have her in my life.


nicole ming, switzerland

Attending the workshop had such a profound effect on me. It's hard to put into words as it felt like we existed in a dream-time-space of meditation and pure energy. Since then I've had fascinating insights and released emotions so deep inside me I didn’t even know they were there.


leandra ashton, alternatives workshop participant

Thank you for gifting us your beautiful book. I’ve never felt so held before, loved and guided.

Astrid Dvořák, czech republic

The session [I had with Sophie] is so precious to me. I am still speechless. I didn't expect the deep and precise level of [her work]. I was crying all the time. She "saw" and brought everything to the surface.


Mira moor - private client, france

Sophie passes on such deep - and quite frankly, astounding - wisdom from her guides that really help you understand yourself and your life purpose better.

olivia, private client

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You are a Goddess moved me to tears. Sophie’s words are so honest, empowering and uplifting - making the book so good I couldn’t put it down. 

Philippa Clark, England
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I loved the journey to meet the goddesses. I highly recommend this book as it is thought provoking, inspiring and really helps you tap into your own inner goddess. I have since brought it for friends! 

Philippa Clark, England

Sophie awakened me to the potential within. She is able to give you exactly what you need in the most direct yet loving and compassionate manner.


dharm randhawa - retreat participant & client, uk


My session with Sophie was an experience of deep receiving and validation. Like her book, the message crystallised long misunderstood feelings and patterns in my life.

Carrie Love, England

At her [Alternatives] workshop I found Sophie's warm invitation was to get out of the mindset of doing, grasping and categorising. I am coming to see that the Way of the Divine Feminine goes deeper than these familiar ways of learning. I'm so grateful for the permission to uncover this innate way of being that Sophie is illuminating.

Carrie Love, england

The intensity that lasted throughout the session, and the amount of information, is something I've never experienced before. Sophie's connection to the Divine is incredibly clear and beautiful.

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kelly cavaretta - private client, usa

When I found Sophie's work I felt instantly connected. It made sense to my heart. Since then, it's helped me to navigate through significant moments in my life. It reinforces my feeling that I'm part of a group of women (and humans) bringing love and healing to the world.

Marina Duque - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I still reflect back on Sophie’s spot-on insight. Her energy is very gentle, soothing and wise, and her connection with the Divine seems to be crystal clear.

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asa entin - private client

[Since working with Sophie] my life has turned around. I've stepped into my feminine energy and embraced the woman that I am. I've become fearless of what others may think.


Annabel, United kingdom

Sophie has been able to tap into my soul's purpose. She brings forward wisdom that my heart knows to be true, and delivers it in a way that helps me feel guided, safe, supported and deeply held. Since working with her, I feel grounded and incredibly clear about my journey and purpose in this lifetime.

Jo Bell Cummings

jo bell cummings - private client, australia

I love your Sunday emails! They always resonate with me. Joining one of your retreats is on my bucket list.

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Kate Coppin - johannesburg, south africa

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