You Are a Goddess

You were born for something different.

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Get the # 1 bestselling feminine awakening book that people around the globe just can't put down, or stop listening to.

This isn't just a book, as so many of my readers are saying.

Hear the real reasons your life feels like it doesn't fit into the mainstream, you long for escape from the non-stop doing, and just can't stop thinking about that 'thing' you have to do for the world.

Even if you're clueless about what 'it' actually is, or how to make it happen.

Get hooked on the audiobook (narrated by me), and immerse yourself in the paperback. Just don't forget to keep the box of tissues close by!


Brilliantly written with an extraordinary spiritual integrity, sincerity and intensity, you'll quickly understand that this is more than a book. It's a sacred gift and legacy to all humanity.


mira moor - actress, france

The goddess has returned. Will you hear the call?

Be pulled in and captivated by ancient, long-forgotten sacred sanctuaries.

Nine divine feminine guides invite you to take a magical soul journey home.. the deepest part of you that knows unreservedly who she is, what she's here for, and of the intuitive jewels that lie undisturbed inside her.

Be touched to your core. Allow the healing to begin.


Has to be one of the best spiritual books I've read. 

Gabrielle, Amazon customer

I literally could not stop listening. 

Audible reviewer

By far the best book I've ever listened to. 

Audible Australia Customer

It's by far the most profound book I've ever read. 

Ina Mol, Amazon customer

I cannot put into words how much this resonates with me. 

Sallyanne, Audible UK customer

Honestly the best Goddess book I've read. 

Natalie, Audible Australia customer

Hard to describe what a powerful book this is. Read it now!

Firebird, Audible customer

The bestselling

You Are a Goddess

You know 'the Goddess' as a divine feminine figure of myth, art and faith - but are you aware that the Goddess is a life force that lives in you? 

Do you sense that you have a hidden feminine energy that longs to be seen, accepted, valued - and used for a healing purpose?

The Ultimate Goddess Guide.

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understand the many ups and downs, emotions and cycles of your life through the 'eyes of the Goddess'

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discover how the Goddesses can ignite your spiritual growth and uncover your feminine healing gifts

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learn how to work with each Goddess for self-healing, positive inner change and empowerment

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get in touch with a divine feminine support and healing system comprising 9 archetypes - including Kali, Mary Magdalene, Aphrodite and Isis

Meet the Goddesses


Sophie is an intuitive channel for the sacred.

You Are a Goddess is a must read for all women who have heard the call to rise. 

Rebecca Campbell, Author of 'Rise Sister Rise' & 'Light is the New Black'

Sophie is a Goddess and I've been enjoying her work for years. So glad she's written this long-awaited book! 

Yasmin Boland, Astrologer & Author of 'moonology'

The moment I heard Sophie speak at a Hay House event, I knew her book would move me.

You Are a Goddess is a beautifully soul-stirring read. Goose-pimple inspiring. 

Jessica Huie MBE, Entrepreneur & Author of 'Purpose'

You Are a Goddess reminds us of the Divine Feminine, a lineage of fierce love that exists within every one of us, and connects us to our own power, and to the truth of who we are. 

Meggan Watterson, Author of 'The Divine Feminine Oracle' & 'Mary Magdalene Revealed'

It's unreal. I recommend this book to every human. Every single one.

Leanne vogel, audible customer

Completely loved every second. I usually struggle to find a book that keeps my attention, but I literally could not stop listening. Every word is inspirational. 

Audible reviewer

It's phenomenal. I've never been so deeply moved and captivated by a book. Sophie captures the essence of the Goddess in a way that opens the heart and allows healing in a safe and supported way.

Eve, Audible Australia customer

This is by far the best book I have ever listened to. From start to finish I was deeply entrenched in every word which touched the depth of my soul and cracked me wide open. A true masterpiece that everyone needs to read in this life for the healing of ourselves, each other and the world.

Audible Australia customer

I'm no stranger to goddess religion, myth, or the movement itself but this body of work renewed my spirit. Sophie taught me how to see the values, lessons and gift of familiar goddesses through my heart, body and divinity. If you let it, this book will pull you in, and leave you the better for it.

Celia, Audible customer

I participated in a Goddess Mystery School a few years back, but I never had this scope of information. Every chapter was as captivating as the previous. Goddesses are covered in poetic detail, as well as how to work with them. This is perfect for every woman, no matter her current situation.

Claire, Audible customer

This book has been like finding the missing piece in the jigsaw of my life. Sophie's voice spoke directly to my soul. It's given me renewed purpose, insight and energy. 

Kate Bedell, artist

This book is certainly not like any other on the Goddess.

Sophie has a natural, organic way of bringing these guides to life, allowing massive clearing and inner shifts to happen. 

Debbie Clayton, Angel Channel & Spiritual Teacher

I've always been deeply touched by Sophie's words. It's as if she's speaking to my heart and soul. The moment I found out she'd written You Are a Goddess, I knew I had to have it. I cried a lot while reading this book, but they were all healing tears...

Hana Semikova

This book is literally divine. Pure wisdom and gorgeous story telling. It transformed me, and made me feel known and healed in ways I didn’t know I could be. Listening to the audiobook, with Sophie's voice in my ear as I fell asleep was a new found form of healing!

Sanja Avramovic, poetess & author
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You are a Goddess moved me to tears. Sophie’s words are so honest, empowering and uplifting, making the book so good I couldn’t put it down. I loved the journey to meet the goddesses.

Philippa Clark

Little did I know how much this book would impact me. I've cried with happiness, for my ancestors and past lives I've been condemned in. Every chapter has come at the perfect time.


lara raybone, model & embodiment coach

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The book is a gift to humanity. It feels like a talisman to me. Her words speak straight to my soul and are a genuine source of comfort and inspiration. But there's something about what is in between her words that echoes most deeply inside me: an ancient truth about who I am on a physical and cellular level, bypassing the mind and intellect.


leandra ashton, england

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