I'm Sophie

An author, intuitive practitioner & retreat creator - devoted to helping you deliver your (so-long-buried) feminine light to the world. So you can live a life that really feels like you. 

I'm passionate about unlocking your intuitive power

I create high-vibration, intensive-healing spaces for people who are drawn to remembering Sacred Feminine Energy: an ancient, deep-dwelling part of humanity and earth that has been long-suppressed.

Well, that sounds quite lofty and like it doesn't have much do with your real life, right? Wrong.

Feminine energy is something that you have in overflowing, jewel-encrusted goblet-fulls, but you've probably been talked out of listening to, understanding and trusting it.

Unlocking my own inner feminine nature has brought me profound healing, and shown me what I'm here to give.

I passionately believe it can do the same for you.

When you work with me, you'll be getting over 20 years of therapeutic experience, and the benefit of my 'front-line' journey of awakening the goddess within.

I put my hand on my heart (daily, actually!) and promise you: I've walked every step of my talk, and found myself plunged into the real, daily life-lessons from the Sacred Feminine curriculum - long before 'the goddess' became cool.



I can help you awaken your feminine gifts


I'm still learning, for sure. But I've remembered a lot from my spiritual feminine heart.

I believe that you're an intuitive, wise and infinitely creative being - and you have soul-memory of just how powerful deep feminine energy is.

You're not hopelessly stuck, disconnected or lost, even if this overly-masculinised world has been hard on you.

You have what it takes to become the soul-guided person you most want to be.


I'm now an international intuitive channel, but I was raised without any connection to the divine.


I had no idea what was happening when the Goddess entered my life and changed it forever. All I knew was that I felt like a failure by my mid-20s, exhausted from suppressing my feelings and living in my intellect.






From the loss of my mother as a young child, dropping out of an academic career, losing my way and then finding it again through becoming a mother...


...to instigating the breakdown of my marriage and being sometimes crushed by the responsibility of lone parenthood - I've come to realise that throughout it all, cradling me in her unconditional arms, was none other than the universal mother of love.

The Goddess was speaking to me.

I believe that the Goddess was speaking to me when I could no longer pretend to the world that I was 'fine', and catapulted myself out of university almost as soon as I'd arrived there.

She was speaking to me when she led me back into one of my first loves: music and dancing (I'm a neo soul, jazz funk and hip-hop girl at heart).

When 7 days before I got pregnant with my first daughter, I cried non-stop in a candle-lit restaurant with my boyfriend, wondering what the hell it was that I was put on this planet to do...

...and how might I feel if I never claimed it?  At that moment She was definitely speaking to me.

The countless years of emotional healing and psychotherapy, intuitive awakening and training, writing my home-styled psychic wisdom and sharing it on Facebook, and creating my first humbly-attended women's circles...

...were all the Goddess speaking to me,  so that She could start to speak through me.  



Goddess, use me as an instrument of your love.

Through re-awakening my spiritual gifts and ancient connection to the Sacred Feminine I've created some of my biggest dreams.

I've healed my broken heart.

Opened my third eye, and unlocked it's powers.

Supported thousands of people in private intuitive practice, groups and speaking events.

Flexed my creative muscles to create life-altering retreats, borne from a spiritual vision I was shown straight after the home-birth of my 2nd daughter.

I've become a bestselling author with the world's leading mind-body-spirit publisher.

Everything I've done has been built from the ashes of my rebirth into who I truly am, at my core.

I've built it slowly and painstakingly, guided by one simple prayer:

"Goddess, use me as an instrument of Your love.

Show me how I can best heal myself and the world.

Give me Your holy assignments, so that my life can deeply serve.

Thank you."

Working my Calling

10 Things About Me

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I started writing on Facebook over 15 years ago, after receiving a psychic message from Archangel Michael

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I believe that 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan is the most perfect song in the universe

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'Bonita Applebum' by A Tribe Called Quest is perhaps the second most perfect song in the universe (Pharrell's remix is incredible!)

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I have a background in performing arts, and was cast in a professional musical aged 16

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No matter what 'serious' theatre I've done, my ultimate claim to fame is playing Sandy in Grease

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In the mid-1990s I worked as an office PA by day & a dance/hip hop club door-entry host by night

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I love singing, dancing, reading, long nature walks, cooking Middle Eastern & Turkish food, shoes and Diptique candles

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I'm a trained holistic massage therapist, Reiki/Seichem energy healer & Birth Crisis counsellor for mothers who've had traumatic labours

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After the birth of my first daughter, I volunteered at a drop-in breastfeeding & parenting support group for many years

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Some days I'd like to be a librarian.

Over the years,

there's lots of things I've imagined I might become.


As a young woman, I never conceived that I'd be spending my days delivering the enlightening messages of the spirit realms.

I've had the task of healing heavy ancestral emotional wounds and clearing mountains of psychic baggage.

This has been vital for my survival after childhood trauma, as well as opening me up to my divine calling.

I believe that the two energies of healing ourselves, and working our sacred purpose are intertwined.

One can't happen without the other.

Whatever it is you're drawn to giving is what you most need to receive.

As you take intuitive steps to heal your own wounds, you naturally open up to what it is you're here to give to others.

It's not always an easy road to commit to.

It takes huge courage, and the acceptance that whatever it is you're most scared of doing is what you most need to do.

I don't have all the answers for you, nor can I hand your healing and life purpose to you on a silver plate.

What I can do is to eternally believe in your soul's wisdom, and promise you that with a lot of hard work, brave steps and patience you'll get there. You'll heal, and your healing will light up the world.


My Mission Statement.

It's not just your healing. It's your Calling.

Healing yourself is intimately linked with what you're here to give the world.

As you tend to your wounds, you can bring forth your destiny.

And as you share your gift, you'll keep healing yourself. 

You have something inside you that's unique.

No-one else can do what you do, in the exact way that you do it.

Your is needed.

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a spiritual feminine revolution happening on this planet.

Souls with a sacred contract to serve the Goddess are arising in their thousands.

If you've read this far, it's likely that you're a part of this rebirth, so urgently needed by Mother Gaia. 


Let's get started with this beautiful path back to your feminine soul.

Love, Sophie xx.

Start connecting with the Sacred.

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