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5 Steps to Awakening Feminine Energy

What is divine feminine energy?

Divine Feminine energy is a universal frequency that is the cornerstone of our physical and spiritual existence. It is the vibration of the Great Goddess: the spiritual mother and ultimate life-giver.

Goddess Consciousness is a state of awareness connected to the feminine life force. This is a container for heart and soul wisdom, to natural and divine laws, and to loving, harmonious and peace-enhancing behaviours.

Divine Feminine energy also gives rise to Divine Masculine energy, as it is a ‘home’ or ‘cosmic mother’ for all of creation.


5 steps to begin igniting your divine feminine energy

Feel your Feelings

Many of us expend enormous energy running from our feelings. Emotional connection and release are often portrayed as weak or purposeless in masculine-driven societies.

A disconnection from the divine feminine essence usually harbours a disconnection to emotions.

To unlock divine feminine energies, we need to access, fully feel, and release our feelings without judgement. Stagnant feelings become held not only in the physical body, they are also locked in the ‘spiritual body’. This blockage can restrict the flow of divine feminine energy.

Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. You may find this safe space with a therapist, a counsellor, a spiritual mentor or a supportive healing circle. You may find it with close friends, however when you first begin processing your deep emotions it can be important to find a place that is professional and/or autonomous. This gives you a ‘container’ that is based on total trust and clear boundaries.

As you begin to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings without judgement, have them witnessed with compassion, and not run from them, the true essence of the Spiritual Feminine can begin to flow through you once again.

Emotions are a source of Goddess Wisdom. By giving credence to your emotions, and honouring them in yourself and others, you are tapping into a treasure chest of long-suppressed spiritual feminine energy.


Honour your Intuitive Impulses

Intuition is the gift of the Sacred Feminine Soul. Essentially, intuition is ‘knowing without knowing how you know’. It is a sense that bypasses the mind or logical reasoning. It is sometimes called your ‘sixth sense’, because it transcends the physical or mental planes.

In order to really access your intuitive sense, you must be in strong connection with your ‘feeling body’ – that is, the element of your Self that is based on emotions.

A key aspect to realising your intuitive gifts is re-developing trust. Your trust in your own intuitive nature may have been severely damaged or even broken during past lives when you were criticised, or even hurt, for using your intuitive gifts and openly displaying your spiritual, healing & psychic abilities.

We all receive intuitive impulses in different ways. You may have clear intuitive sight, in which you ‘see’ images or colours through your inner vision. You may be extremely clairsentient, which means that your body gives you intuitive messages through your physical and emotional responses. There are many ways that you can receive guidance from your Sacred Feminine channels.

Intuitive impulses often contradict what your ‘mind’ would tell you, as they often seem irrational or illogical.

Intuitive impulses are directions from the heart, and are for the highest good and growth path of all concerned. Intuitive impulses may sometimes take you out of your comfort zone and ask you to be firm and courageous, and yet they will never show you a route that is harmful to another person or living thing.

When you receive intuitive impulses they may be accompanied by certain sensations. You may have a tingling or ‘goosebumps’ feeling, or your heart may beat faster. You may feel light-headed or have a strong energy flowing through your body.

You may have none of these, but perhaps there is a feeling of heightened energy, or an ‘other-worldly’ awareness that momentarily surrounds you.

You may simply have a repeated urge or feeling, a deep inner knowing that will not leave you. Often, these feelings are accompanied by divine signs and synchronicity sent to validate your intuitive guidance.

Remember that intuitive impulses carry strong sacred feminine directions and information, and yet the messages (especially any calls to action) are always simple and clear. They are always loving and ultimately for a healing purpose.

Trusting, and acting upon your intuitive impulses, are vital keys in unlocking the deep power of your spiritual feminine nature.

Honouring the intuitive voice is a radiant & purposeful jewel in the crown of every man and woman working the Energy of the Sacred Feminine.


Create Ritual & Sacred Space

Your feminine soul energy naturally responds to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention.

On a deep level, when you create and take part in simple ritual and ceremony – just as easy as lighting a candle for yourself or another – your divine feminine essence wakes up.

This is where the fearful and hardened places in the psyche begin to melt and soften into the energy of the feminine heart. Sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit for eons. From lighting a candle before you meditate and pray, to orchestrating a ceremonial circle involving many people, any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your Higher Self that you are invoking an ancient, timeless connection to the Goddess.

Sacred spaces begin at home, with simple altars comprising of just a few beautiful and meaningful items: a fragrant candle, crystals, elements of nature such as stones or driftwood, silk cloths in resonant colours and incense. Perhaps you like to add images or statues of deities and divine beings that carry meaning for you.

Make sure that when you create your spaces, they are kept in a spirit of sacredness and are only used for connecting with the divine. These places become imbued with supportive feminine energy and will have a powerful effect on your consciousness, if used with regularity and respect.

When you create ritual and sacred space, it can ignite ancient past life memories held deep in your cells and energy bodies. You may be tapping into times when you regularly practiced rituals and ceremonies within conscious communities and civilisations. This is why your intuitive self and body wisdom, whether male or female in this lifetime, will respond to the re-creation of sacred feminine rituals, now.


Connect with your Body Wisdom

Your body is your most accurate barometer for sacred feminine truth and wisdom. Your body also gives you signals when something is ‘off’ in your life and out of alignment with your evolving soul energy.

When your Soul calls you to begin reawakening to your true divine feminine consciousness, and begin living from this truth, you will need to pay attention to your body’s messages.

Being in touch with, and healing damaging thoughts about, the body is a crucial step towards realising the inner power of the Goddess. Women still endure mass negative conditioning aimed at lowering their self-esteem and self-love in regards to how their bodies look, and the power inherent in female physicality. Men can also be affected by this focus upon superficial and unattainable, unreal imagery, although usually in our societies it is not so directly related to their sense of overall self-worth or significance, value and success.

Many Souls who are called to awaken Goddess energies hold emotional residues of past life abuse and trauma in their bodies. This past life imprint could also have travelled to experiences of physical, sexual and emotional abuse within this present lifetime. As the vibration of the Goddess stirs within the energy bodies, the physical body will desire to shake off and release old trauma held in the tissues and cells. This is vital practice as Divine Feminine consciousness begins moving through the entire being.

This kind of energetic clearing can be assisted with body-healing therapies such as holistic massage, connected breath work, and many other forms of bodywork that tap into your deep-held emotions.

Yoga practice can become an important tool for connecting with body wisdom and to aid being present, loving, non-competitive, accepting and compassionate with the body.

Yoga can powerfully open you to divine feminine energies, helping you to come into greater connection with your inner voice, enhance the flow of self-acceptance as well as nourish your physical and spiritual bodies.


Consecrate Stillness & Honour your Inner Voice

Creating regular times of stillness, quiet, meditation and contemplation are vital components of activating divine feminine energy.

You have a wise inner voice that is connected to a source of guidance wholly invested in your highest good, and how you can contribute uniquely to the world.

The inner voice is linked to your sacred feminine contract to the universe. This means, simply, that you have a spiritual role to fulfil here on earth and your inner voice shows you how to step into it.

It is challenging to hear and feel your inner voice if you never create spaces of stillness, silence or reverence.

To activate the sacred feminine path, you will need regular sanctuary, so that you can begin to open your awareness to the ways in which the Soul speaks to you.

Stillness and meditation are not difficult or complicated, and there is no right or wrong way to practice. Essentially it’s just sitting upright, connecting with your breath and just being with whatever thoughts and feelings arise.

Nothing actually has to ‘happen’ during these periods of silent connection.

Very often you will feel restless or find your mind overcrowding with passing thoughts or things you need to do. It doesn’t matter what happens during the time that you are sitting in conscious silence.

What matters is that you are practicing.

Regular practice is the key; it is the process and regularity that creates the strengthening within you, over time.

You will discover a deep inner well of abundant resources inside your stillness.

Stillness is not always a totally still body, in silent meditation. It can be a gentle walk in natural surroundings. It can be yoga, it can be reading poetry, it can be lying down listening to inspirational music or it can be a healing session.

What matters is that the intention to invite connection with the Infinite is at the forefront. To be willing to bypass the mind, release the grip of the ego, and nurture understanding that consecrating stillness is a vital pathway to reuniting with the Sacred Feminine soul.

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