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Avalon Priestess Training

level: 2

A certified Level 2 training working with sacred teachings of the 9 Priestesses of Avalon. Over the course of 3 long weekend retreats, you'll be re-initiated into the magical Avalon Priestess Temple.  You'll awaken deep intuitive gifts, and gain professional skills for using this profound healing energy in the modern world.


The Healing Tents

The Location

Your 4-night trainings will be held at Garth Barns retreat in rural Wales, UK. The venue is easily accessed via road or rail, with Birmingham & Manchester being the nearest airports.

Welsh land holds powerful links to the goddess, including Avalonian & Celtic feminine energy. The final training will include a special ceremony in Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury.

The Time

Training 1: Friday 2nd October to Tuesday 6th October 2020 (4 nights)

Training 2: Friday 5th February to Tuesday 9th February 2021

Training 3: Friday 7th May to Tuesday 11th May 2021

You must attend all the retreat weekends to join this training.

The Training

Each training weekend will consist of 3 intensive days in The Healing Tent of Avalon. You'll be working in circle, with partners and one-to-one with me.

Sessions will include guided meditation journeys and deep energy activation work, channeled initiations and rituals, supported sharing and emotional processing. There will be an emphasis on practicing and developing your own intuitive skills, and this will increase as we move through the course.


The Avalon Gift

Your Avalon Priestess gifts are needed by the world. And yet, no matter what ancient treasures lay within, you need to be supported and guided in the right way in order to use them effectively.

It's absolutely vital that you feel safe, held and protected whilst you unlock this precious energy, and gain confidence to share your intuitive abilities with others.

In this training, you'll receive exceptional support and mentoring for giving your deepest gift in the way your soul has always yearned to.

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