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guiding you back to the goddess

Lightworker, You Matter

You tune in so deeply to the feelings of this world

You matter.

You are so precious to us all. Can you feel how much we cherish you?

You tune in so deeply to the feelings of this world.

Sometimes, I would venture, you take in too much. You feel everything like it's yours to carry. Your heart bleeds and weeps when others are pouring out their burdens into the collective spaces.

You feel yourself absorbing their pain. Maybe you even want to take the weight for them. Dissolve their sorrows and alleviate their suffering.

You have an innate ability to do this. Energetically, you are able to transmute heavy emotion. People feel lifted, held and even carried, when in your presence (even if you are physically apart).

How much you are helping others right now is without question.

What I want to know, is this:

Are you taking care of your sweet, devoted and angelic heart?

Are you recognising yourself as a sensitive, empath and curator of healing spaces?

Do you see yourself as a light-worker or feminine energy torchbearer? A wise, old soul who elected to be here now - RIGHT NOW - to help guide the earth and her inhabitants through the birth canal?

As such, please pay attention to how open your heart is to the collective cauldron of emotion at this extraordinary moment.


How are you tending to yourself?

You don't have to make rational sense of it. It's safe to lean fully into your own heart and body's responses. And please honour them.

What I want to know is: how are you tending to yourself?

Your energies are going to be called upon in the months and years ahead, for Earth is gathering Her sacred team.

So resource yourself now.

With every fibre of your being, validate what your inner voice tells you.

Don't hesitate to allow space for your own feelings, as they surface.

And yet.

Please don't allow what isn't yours to penetrate you.

We need you as filled-up and centred as possible for the road ahead.

Many souls are having an awakening, healing crisis. This will continue. Humanity is waking up en masse.

They'll need you - you better believe it.

I love you. I see you. I honour you with every part of my soul.

And I thank you for showing up for Earth, right here, right now.

All rights reserved. Copyright Sophie Bashford 2020. Do not reproduce without permission.