What if you could have a conversation

with your Soul?

Sophie is a channel of the highest integrity. She gave me one of the most beautiful experiences of my life in a session.

– anna grace taylor, angel therapist –



if you and I could take an intimate, unhurried walk together. Into spaces of profound healing, sanctuary and restoration for your spirit.


All you have to do is show up for each meeting, take my hand and step into the long-forgotten territory of your soul's wisdom.

We'll shine soft light on the shadowed places. Coax the resistance and fears out of hiding. Tend to the long-buried wounds and traumas. Give voice to your most vibrant dreams and your potent inner truth. Invite in the holiest vibrations of love that exist.. to lift you up, dispense sacred medicine and remind you why you chose to be here.


It's easy to get disconnected from your soul's voice.

Life seems to get busier, louder, more distracting and demanding all the time.

Even if your shelves are groaning under the weight of a zillion self-help and spiritual books, that next right step or burst of inspiration can still feel frustratingly out of reach.

You may have felt the mysterious ‘call’ of your spirit as she whispers (or shouts!) for you to stop and listen to a deeper voice…but, how do you answer this call?

How do you actually receive the messages that the goddess wants to bring you?

I’ve worked 1:1 with people all over the world for over 15 years.

So if you're looking for a deeper connection with your intuitive voice (and how to act on it.) The courage to break out of old patterns that don't serve you.  Expansion into your largest soul-space - and to stop caring what others may think when you do. And a spiritual mentor who'll help you unfold your wings, even when it gets uncomfortable - you've come to the perfect place.


I’ve helped thousands of people connect with their spiritual guides

What happens in a session with me?

I’m an intuitive channel, which means that I can hear, see, feel & interpret divine energies. During our time together I’ll lead you through a channeled meditative journey so you can receive:

  • bespoke clearing, healing & protection for your chakras & energy field
  • reconnection with your past lives to release present-day blocks & ignite your soul's gifts
  • immersion in deep feminine energy to relax & nourish you
  • clear guidance from sacred guides such as goddesses, angels, ascended masters & spirit animals
  • time for you to share & release emotions in a safe space

Going even deeper

You may be surprised how deep we can go in just one hour. The most frequent comment I hear in response to my intuitive work is, "it was nothing like I expected!"

We'll connect with spirit guides, ancestors and ancient guardians of the earth and universe. They'll open up your energy field to the most healing, loving dimensions. You'll receive carefully-delivered work on your 'light bodies' that transcends your logical mind, and restores trust in your higher, spirit-based nature.

The aim of all this is to reconnect your 'lower' self with your 'higher' self: to bring your humanness into line with your divine light. This activates your soul's contracts in this lifetime.

The deeper levels of our work may include:

  • deep healing work on your light bodies, 12 chakras and monad
  • sustained emotional processing
  • forgiveness practice and karmic release
  • soul retrieval: collecting the fragments of your divine essence
  • spiritual initiations and ceremonies to awaken your soul's contracts

Sophie's intuitive consultations are unlike any other I've experienced.

– olivia, private client –


My Copper, Silver & Golden Paths

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Start Something New..

The Copper Path

A guided 3-month awakening

Work with me in depth over 3 consecutive months. We'll frequently connect for intuitive sessions, and you'll receive plenty of personal support via email, plus a certificate of completion at the end.


3 intuitive sessions (1 per month)


Sessions 1 & 3 are 90 mins/Session 2 is 60 mins


Up to 5 check-in email chats with me in-between sessions


A Copper Path certificate on completion

How much?


approx. $1396 USD/$1888 AUD

You can also pay in instalments: please ask!


Working with Sophie is the most sacred, transforming gift to my soul, and has helped me to regain so much trust in life. I can finally remember who I am. There is a depth, sincerity and pureness in Sophie's work that is like a rare jewel. The deep, safe spaces she creates are infused with incredible divine feminine energy. My whole being feels at home, wrapped in a blanket of pure love and healing nectar. 

Anne Britt Tobler, Switzerland

As an intuitive myself, I'm choosy about who I ask to support me, but Sophie is a channel of the highest integrity. She connected with my guides so clearly and shared messages I absolutely needed to hear. It was a life-changing moment for me -and one that continues to impact the way I feel. I highly recommend everything Sophie does.

Anna Grace Taylor, England

I didn’t know what to expect, but my first session was extremely impressive. Her words brought me closer to understanding who I am and what I have to do in this life. Sophie's voice was holding me like a warm hug throughout. Can’t wait for my next session with her!

Kathrin Schunemann, Switzerland

Commit To Your Divine Self

The Silver Path

A supported 6-month expansion

Work with me continuously for half a year! We'll connect for regular intuitive sessions, and you'll receive in-depth support via email, plus a certificate of completion at the end.


6 intuitive sessions (1 per month)


Sessions 1 & 6 are 90 mins / Sessions 2, 3, 4 & 5 are 60 mins


Up to 9 check-in email chats with me in-between sessions


A Silver Path certificate on completion

How much?


approx. $2514 USD/$3400 AUD

You can also pay in instalments: please ask!

Jo Bell Cummings

Sophie is an incredibly gifted intuitive. My sessions with her have been like nothing I have ever experienced before. She's tapped into my soul's purpose. I can now see the bigger picture of what is going on for me and have a clear direction. Since working with her, I feel grounded and have incredible clarity about my journey and purpose in this lifetime.

Jo Bell Cummings, Australia

Go For the Gold!

The Golden Path

A rich 9-month rebirth

Have my guidance on tap for almost one year! We'll connect for deep intuitive sessions, and you'll receive generous support via email, plus a certificate of completion at the end.

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9 intuitive sessions (1 per month)

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Sessions 1, 5 & 9 are 90 mins / 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 are 60 mins

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Up to 15 check-in email chats with me in-between sessions

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A Golden Path certificate on completion

How much?


approx. $3492 USD/$4723 AUD

You can also pay in instalments: please ask!

My session was nothing short of a direct message from the Divine.  Every word Sophie spoke had meaning, and was accurate to my current situation. I felt validated, heard, supported, and guided through her voice. I received the energy I needed to continue my journey. I am forever grateful to her and her service.  

Jessica Eary, Philadelphia, USA

Connecting with Sophie helped me centre myself and understand my fears, my thoughts and my dreams. Private sessions are always spot on, straight to whatever is meant for me at the moment. I can relate to everything and they give me guidance on my path.

Emmanuelle Barone, USA & Australia

I've had many sessions with people that are gifted in channeling, but with Sophie it was a truly amazing experience. She combines a powerful, rich visualisation experience with concrete information and guidance. Not only was I completely immersed in a different dimension during the session, but I also had clear guidance on what to do afterwards. It was life changing and I am so grateful!

Irina Stanga, The Netherlands

Sparkle Like a Diamond

The Diamond VIP Path

A very special extra

This option is bespoke and only available to clients who have completed a Gold Pathway.

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3-6 bonus intuitive sessions

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A Diamond Path certificate on completion

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A Diamond Seal of Recommendation by Sophie

How much?

Price on application

One to One is for you if you:

want a closely supported, guided and dedicated spiritual growth journey

have experienced 1 or more of the following: meditation & mindfulness practices, bodywork, counselling/psychotherapy or spiritual/energy healing work

are open to channeled, intuitive messages and activating meditations

are looking for a safe space to explore deeper emotions and release self-limiting patterns

are ready to work on deep energetic & emotional levels to clear out what's no longer serving you

understand that you are an active participant in your healing & growth process

resonate with the teachings in You Are a Goddess and/or the work I share

feel a calling to serve the Divine Feminine and/or Divine Masculine

want to commit to inner work and consistently show up for yourself and your soul's dreams

know in your heart that this is 'your time' to unlock your deepest gifts - no matter what it takes

feel a strong instinctual pull towards working deeply with me even if you can't explain why!


One to One is not for you if you:

are looking for a predictive, heavily fact-based, 'telling the future' type psychic reading

are not interested in lasting personal & spiritual growth, self-healing or conscious living

are primarily seeking to be given 'all the answers' from an outside or higher source

are not comfortable with the surfacing of feelings, and working on emotional healing

expect quick fixes & rapid transformation without your own commitment to work with what comes up for healing

haven't engaged with my writing or work in any way before

want only a predominantly masculine/left-brained style of coaching, problem-solving, money making or goal-setting process

have never experienced ANY kind of meditation practice, mindfulness, bodywork, counselling/psychotherapy or spiritual/energy healing work


for a One to One Pathway?

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after my Discovery Call?

We'll be in touch via email shortly after your Discovery Call to let you know the next steps. If you're going to start a Pathway with Sophie, we'll give you all the necessary information such as how to pay and session protocols.

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My private session with Sophie was incredibly moving, affirming and inspiring. A month later everything she said made even more sense as things started to unfurl in my life.


leandra ashton, United kingdom