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"My experiences with Sophie have connected me more deeply to my myself than ever before and have changed my life. Sophie’s access to Divine truth and Wisdom and the way she articulates it touches me more deeply, and resonates more than any other I have ever experienced - it’s as though she literally speaks the code and language of my soul." 


"It isn't always easy to hear, but the Truth is undeniable. Sophie immediately tuned in to what has been happening in my Soul and in my life, with no real input from me at all."





A private session with Sophie is a unique opportunity to receive bespoke spiritual guidance, healing and energetic transmission. These sessions are conducted via Skype. 

BOOKING SCHEDULE: Private sessions are now being booked for December 2017-January 2018. 

'Sophie's intuitive consultations are unlike any others I have experienced.' - Olivia


As a highly-experienced Divine channel, Sophie will connect with your Soul to give you transformational energy and support. 


What can I expect from a Private Session? 

Each session is totally unique, as Sophie tunes into your Soul frequency. It is a transmission of information that is communicated within a space of deep meditation and receptivity. You are gently led through transformational processes that are delivered by divine beings such as angels, sacred feminine and ascended masters. 



Is a Private Session right for me? 

Sophie’s private consultations are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life.

You will benefit the most from these sessions if you are open to support in realising your most authentic Self and are prepared to self-reflect and grow past limiting beliefs and patterns.

Even though Sophie uses psychic skills within the sessions, the content is not focused solely upon predictions of the future in which you are a passive recipient of specific events.

This is sometimes an element within a reading, but the predominant emphasis during a consultation is working with much deeper, transformational energies that lead you towards greater self-realisation and the raising of spiritual consciousness.

This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to live your very Highest life, with heightened awareness of the sacred support that is available to you.


Your first session with Sophie is 90 minutes long. You will have the structure explained clearly and time to share in a safe, trusted space. You will then receive Sophie's intuitive guidance and transmission for around 75 minutes. 

Initial private session, 90 mins: £165

Follow up sessions, 60 mins: £90

The second follow up session can be booked from 12 weeks after the first appointment.  Additional follow ups can then be booked no less than 8 weeks apart. 

We are now taking bookings for private sessions in December 2017 & January 2018. Please do give your timezone when requesting an appointment, thank you.