The Moon Temple Cancellation Policy

Cancelling your membership

You can cancel your subscription (whichever payment option you’ve gone for) and get a full refund up to 30 days after the first New Moon video is uploaded. You’ll need to show us your completed first Share Sheet to get your refund.

If you have signed up to either the 12-month or 6-month payment plan, you can cancel your membership anytime within the first 12 weeks of The Moon Temple journey. However, if your cancellation is made after the initial 30 day period, no refunds will be offered on any payments already made. The final date for cancellations is 12 weeks after the first New Moon video is uploaded.

Please NoteIf you have chosen to pay upfront, no cancellations can be made after the initial 30 day period, as this is the discounted option.

You lose access to all Moon Temple content immediately after cancelling your subscription. 

The Moon Temple is a sacred journey that gradually unfolds and builds upon itself. The doors are closed after the registration period, and don’t re-open until the following year. This is why I ask for your full commitment after the 12 week mark.

After you cancel your membership

As soon as you cancel your subscription or membership, you lose access to the website immediately. You won’t be able to view any content that was delivered during your subscription period.