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The Moon Temple

What if you could come on retreat with me every month

without leaving your living room?

A 12-month journey

Exclusive members circle

"Just keep going, it's what everyone else does."

I wonder how often you say this to yourself? Or maybe other people say it to you.

How often do these kind of statements run through your mind, despite your heart and spirit saying something different?

"You need to pull yourself together, everyone is relying on you."

"I shouldn't be feeling upset about this anymore. I need to get over it and move on."

"I'm fine. I have so much to be grateful for. I'm selfish for wanting more for myself."

Even when you're doing your best to stay centred, are any of these how you really feel, on your worst days?

"It's not spiritual to feel angry, depressed, afraid, jealous, lonely. I should just meditate more, get to yoga class and start my journal up again."

My mother never complained about her life. Maybe I'm crazy to expect anything more."

I'm sick of feeing like I'm too sensitive. Too emotional. Too deep. Too MUCH."

"I want to run away from the endless to-do lists. I yearn for relief from making decisions, plans, and holding everyone and everything."

"I desperately need a break. I need my own sacred space. But I don't even know where to begin."

Or perhaps you can't stop wondering:

  • "Why am I so afraid to show who I really am?
  • "Why do I hold myself back?"
  • "Why do I hide?"
  • "How will I discover what I'm really meant to do? What if I NEVER find out?"
  • "Why do I dream of a partner who understands my soul?"
  • "Does this person actually exist?"
  • "What will happen if I never bring my soul out of hiding?"

Why it's challenging to look after your feminine energy

When your feminine energy is out of balance, under-nourished or simply ignored, you'll begin to receive distress signals from your soul.

Because our modern world devalues the feminine energy system (intuition, body wisdom, emotions, spiritual connection) it can be hard to trust your own inner knowing.

It's also difficult to prioritise healing, nurturing and reflective space in a world that prizes perpetual 'doing' and left-brained thinking - and sees exhaustion, overwhelm and over-worked minds as badges of honour.


But it doesn't have to be like this for you, anymore.


I've crafted a space for you to easily and regularly sink into the richly creative, spiritual and emotional energies of your feminine soul.

Sound blissful? Hold up. There's more.

Not only will you be immersed in the sacred feminine each and every month - you'll be in sync with powerful influences from the moon cycles.

Sounds magical, doesn't it? But wait, there's even more!

The goddess realm is ready and waiting to come closer. They can't wait to blanket you with their loving messages, guidance and support.

This is their sweet invitation:

"Let us coax you into a space of fierce, unwavering love for yourself. Nothing is more vital for your soul, and your work on this planet."

Gift yourself this regular sacred time each month, and you'll be activating ancient memories of linking with the Highest Source, each and every moon cycle.

The Moon Temple


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the sun sees your body, the moon sees your soul

Working with Sophie, I feel deeply seen and witnessed. She is mirroring back to me my feminine essence that had to hide, was locked away for thousands of years, and can now finally emerge from the cage. This part of me feels completely safe with her.


Anne Britt Tobler, switzerland

Go deeper into your feminine soul than ever before.

Many moons ago, you gathered alongside kindred souls in sacred circle, each and every month.

In rhythm with the lunar cycles, you joined with deep intention to release old energies, emotions and burdens to the Universe.

Calling on the Goddesses and Ancient Ones, you opened your world-weary heart to the divine lunar light, and drew in rich, healing nourishment.

This regular, devotional practice sustained and nurtured you for the month ahead.

Even more than that, it strengthened your feminine-intuitive channels, attuned you to your deepest purpose, and reminded you that you're never, ever alone.

What is The Moon Temple?

The Moon Temple is a members-only group for people who want to deepen their connection to the sacred feminine.

It's a year-long guided journey, where you'll join me twice a month online for live webinar workshops.

Included in your Moon Temple package is an extra-special Facebook group, where I'll be on hand regularly to offer close support and encouragement.

Sophie's retreats are like being held in a womb. The details are exquisite and intentional. She leads us through a deep dive into our feminine essence.


Adrienne dinkelacker, california, usa

What do you get each month?

A 90-minute live intuitive workshop

Two 45-minute Q&A sessions

Special monthly themes

Free private FB group with Sophie

Access to an exclusive resources library

Integration & development exercises


How does it work?

The Moon Temple is an online workshop journey, unfolding over the course of 12 months. It's an opportunity to commit to the ritual of dedicated sacred space just for you, twice a month.

Around each New Moon, you'll enter 'The Moon Temple', an online webinar hosted live by me. If you're not able to join me live, you can view the replay.

This is a bespoke intuitive workshop, where we'll connect with spiritual guides from the feminine realms. We'll work with specific themes from You Are a Goddess, and there'll be deep healing energy flowing!

Around the next Full Moon, I'll host 2 live Q&A sessions via webinar. This is like a 'listening ear' to help you integrate the content of the workshop. It's a chance to ask questions, and receive tips on how to best work with the energy or theme of that month. These sessions will be designed for different time zones, to help you get to at least one of them live!

As a Moon Temple Member you'll find a like-souled community on a similarly aligned path. On a cosmic-destiny level, I just know you'll meet others who've shared 'moon temple space' with you in past lifetimes! This is pivotal for the awakening of trust in your ancient feminine spirit: reuniting with 'old friends' and giving one another vital encouragement and understanding.

You'll automatically be inside The Moon Temple Private FB Group, where I'll be super-active during the month to support you. This Group is a moderated, protected space for you to share and integrate your experiences arising from the New Moon workshop.


For around the cost of a yoga class or 2, you'll receive all this every month:


A completely unique, never-repeated 90-minute workshop with live channelling


90 minutes of Q&A and processing time with me


Free FB group with generous support (fully moderated and energetically protected)


A carefully-curated library of resources to enrich your journey


Exercises & practices to complement our monthly themes


The recorded workshops are yours to keep. FOREVER.


The Moon Temple IS for you if you:

have a genuine interest in working with sacred feminine energy

are new to 'the goddess' but are very drawn to learn more

are familiar with 'the goddess' but want to go deeper

felt a strong resonance with You Are a Goddess and want to explore these themes

need support with making regular sacred space just for you

are ready to commit to your spiritual growth, and invest in yourself

understand that this may be an emotionally-healing process

enjoy guided meditation journeys, and working with higher spiritual energies

are open to trusting the intuitive, divinely-guided flow of each workshop


The Moon Temple is NOT for you if you:

are looking for a 'quick-fix' solution or instant, no-inner-work-required results

like having a pre-planned, firmly-set agenda for workshops

aren't ready to commit to a regular spiritual and self-empowerment practice

don't want to do any self-directed sacred practice outside guided sessions

want to stay only in the logical, masculine or left-brained space

are not ready to acknowledge your feelings, or open up to any emotional support

did not enjoy or resonate with You Are a Goddess

don't like guided meditations, healing energy work or connecting with your Higher Power

Sophie is an incredibly gifted intuitive who is here to awaken the mysteries and wisdom of the feminine. My sessions with her have been like nothing I have ever experienced before and I've noticed huge shifts in my world since we first connected.

Jo Bell Cummings

Jo bell cummings, australia

Some Questions Answered

If you're wondering...

This is my first time working with Sophie and I'm unsure about not knowing The Moon Temple topics in advance. How do I know what I'm signing up for?

I'm a highly experienced intuitive channel, having facilitated thousands of spiritually-guided sessions and numerous intensive retreats and workshops. It's true that before I begin my work, I don't usually know in my mind what's going to unfold.

Over many years of practice, I've allowed the wisdom of the feminine to flow through me, and direct the work. I've found that although it takes a lot of courage on my part, the results are astounding and often take my (and my clients') breath away. I could never have 'thought up' or pre-planned the content that comes through in a million years.

Please be reassured though, that I'm not 'winging it' or showing up unprepared. It simply wouldn't be possible to do what I do without careful preparation, and pure intention for the highest energies to flow where they're most needed.

As Hay House author Lisa Lister says: 'Over-planning kills magic.' And in my lengthy experience, this is 100% true!

Will there be tons of work to do outside the workshops?

No! There may be some recommendations arising from the workshops. They will be practices to enhance your wellbeing, inner growth and spiritual awakening. The more you value your journey and commit to it, the more you'll benefit.

If I can't attend the live webinars, does it matter?

No - you can replay the webinars whenever you like and you'll get the same benefit. They are designed to work in sync with the moon phases though, so it's best if you watch as near to the live transmission date as possible.

It's also best to have done the New Moon webinar with enough space for integration for the follow-up Q&A session at the Full Moon.

If I find it's not for me, can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription (whichever payment option you've gone for) and get a full refund up to 30 days after the first webinar transmission. You'll need to have attended both the first webinar and one Q&A session to get your refund.

For both the 12-month and 6-month subscription options, you can cancel your payment plan any time within the first 3 months of The Moon Temple journey. The final date for cancellations will be given on booking.

The upfront payment is the discounted option and no cancellations are available after 30 days.

The Moon Temple is a sacred journey that gradually unfolds and builds upon itself. The doors are closed after the registration period, and don't re-open until the following year. This is why I ask for your commitment after the 3-month (or 3rd New Moon webinar) mark.

If I do cancel my subscription, can I still keep the recorded webinars I've attended?

No, as you'll no longer be a Moon Temple Member and won't have access to the membership area.

Can I join The Moon Temple at any time?

No. The Moon Temple enrolment is only open for 7 days. It then closes until the following year. To make sure you're the first in the queue when doors open, join the Priority Access Waitlist now.

Do I need to read or listen to You Are a Goddess before I join?

It's highly recommended that you do. This ensures you'll get the most out of the experience, and we'll be referring to many topics in the book.

Ritual. Devotion. Safety.

The incredible value of


Just ONE 90-minute intuitive session with me costs at least £200


Two extra 45-minute sessions are worth at least £135


Several hours per month of my undivided attention in our FB Group - around £250


Brand new pieces written by me especially for our sacred work each month - priceless!


The benefit of thousands of personal hours (over 20 years) of my own intuitive training, therapy and development - about a zillion £s!

That means you'll get more than

£600 a month

or £7,200 a year of me!

but you know the value of your personal soul growth can't be measured. It's worth EVERYTHING.


the launch of The Moon Temple is extra-special to me. I've waited a long time for this, and I'm so happy that you might be one of my FIRST members.

which is why...

I'd like to give you, my FOUNDING MEMBER of The Moon Temple, a

How much is IT?


or only £200 upfront (save £88)

3 Easy Payment Options

£24 pm over 12 months

£200 one-off payment

£55.50 pm over 6 months

Can't wait for The Moon Temple to open?

Got yourself on the list? Fabulous!

I you'll be the first to know when The Moon Temple doors are opening.

Speak to you soon! x