Return of the Priestesses

At the turn of this last century, a mystic name George Pickinghill received a psychic message that prophesied a 'large and powerful group of priestesses from ancient Greece [would soon incarnate] in the Western world. Their purpose would be to start laying the foundation for goddesses to become as honoured as the gods again.' (Atasha Fyfe, Past Lives, 2015 Hay House UK)

I believe that this is the tip of the iceberg: many souls with a spiritual heritage in celebrating the sacred feminine are now incarnating from numerous ancient civilisations to raise the consciousness of earth. 

If you've been led to these words today, you are most likely a part of this sacred re-incarnation of the 'priestesses'. Male or female, you resonate deeply with the energy of the goddess, and know you have a contract to bring Her back. 

It's vital to know that you are not alone, and that your mission is supported by the Universe. You'll be led to information to awaken your purpose. You'll find your soul sisters and brothers again, and this will help to strengthen your inner knowing. 

You are part of a loving and healing family of light, all devoted to bringing back the goddess to our parched and starved planet.