The spiritual significance of March and April

Expect a huge wave of growth in March + April!

It may feel like you’ve been holding on for a long time. Deep dreams and soul yearnings have been hibernating, incubating, gathering…for what may feel like lifetimes.

Or perhaps it feels like you’ve been plugging away patiently, quietly for eons; constructing your inner temples, building the safest container, crafting the earth, sky and landscape – upon which this next crucial stage of your divine life purpose will be played out.

You know, deep down in the depths of your inner wisdom, that the next two months of March and April will usher in a raft of rapid shifts and in some cases, sweeping change.

Your divine wave is cresting, sacred foam sparkling in the sunlight, full of promise. Bringing with it an ocean’s worth of accumulated knowledge, light codes, sacred strength and readiness for what’s coming next.

Because this new chapter of your purpose is so significant, you may have felt a disturbing counter-swing of your inner pendulum over the last few months (or even years).

It’s possible that your confidence or faith in your abilities have recently plummeted.

You may have experienced a dark night of the soul, in which everything seems to fall apart and you question your very existence, the choices you’ve made thus far, the path you’ve chosen to walk.

Maybe you’ve been considering walking away, throwing in the towel, giving up, fading back into the shadows, retreating once and for all into the cave. Those feelings may be about to change, as a long-awaited surge of new divine feminine energy is coming.

In practical terms, for the here and now, I’d suggest you take a little time to rest and prepare over the next two weeks. If you’ve been guided to start something new in recent weeks or months, be just a touch more patient.

The growth is coming. The movement is coming. The confidence and energy is coming.

Your soul’s purpose, healing and fulfilment is about to take a huge leap into the new. As long as you notice the opportunities and take action on your inner guidance, all will be well.

You’ve been preparing for this with your spiritual guides, ancestors and angels for many lifetimes. Your time is truly here.

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