Past Lives of the Sacred Feminine Heart

As a woman who is charged with the task of returning the Sacred Feminine consciousness to this planet, you have a trailblazing role.

This role is only really just beginning. Over the coming months and years, you will be taken into new territories both geographical and spiritual.

Many of the places that you will take your Light are locations in which you had significant past incarnations as a priestess, female healer, wise woman, feminine mystic.

You will come face to face with very familiar Souls. These Souls will have shared pivotal experiences with you during those distant lifetimes. You will be instantly drawn to one another. Many of these people will want to help you. This is because they resonate on a spiritual level with the work that you are bringing forward. They know deep down that it is vital for the continuance of the earth.

The Goddess lives inside many of us, but you must remember that She was shut down, banished and eradicated from the face of the earth and humanity’s greater consciousness. Over time, sacred feminine power and light has been re-drawn as a dangerous, threatening and untrustworthy framework of energy.

When you take your Sacred Feminine Codes into places and to people that need to be reawakened to the Goddess, the Universe will make sure that you are protected. But, you must know, that at times you will be extremely activated emotionally, physically and spiritually by re-instigating these energies. This is because you have had past lives in these places that you are drawn to working.

You may find that as you bring your divine feminine templates back to the places and people that most deeply need it, old past-life traumas are sparked off within you (and them). You may revisit deep memories of being banished or exiled from the very location that you are now guided to go and work in.

If this happens, you must know that what is being brought up inside you is the most painful loss and humiliation to your Soul that you have ever experienced. The experiences that you had in these past lives is real. You were held in extremely high esteem and value for holding profound energetic links to the Sacred Feminine Heart. You worked with deep devotion, commitment and unending love to serve the Goddess. You worked hard, and long, and entered into many initiations of the spirit in order to be qualified to occupy your sacred roles.

To then be defiled, shamed, hurt, violated, silenced, suppressed and even murdered for who you were, what you stood for, what you loved with all your Soul – was a pain so searing, so penetrating..that there is no doubt that this existential pain still lives inside you now.

You would also have been extremely angry. This anger is a deep, universal rage that lives in the psyches of all women who experienced the rape of their hearts, bodies and Souls when the Divine Feminine was purged from Earth.

Women have been trained to see their anger as unacceptable in our modern world, and we use many psychological methods of repression in order to keep it hidden.

But this deep vein of anger exists in you, it’s roots lying in the time of sacred feminine persecution.

It is likely, as you go about your spiritual missions now, and are directed by the Goddess to specific places and people that re-stimulate these emotions related to past lives, that you will have periods of wondering whether everything is going to plan.

It is – but you do have to be highly self-aware, and very conscious. You also have to be extremely self-nurturing, patient, loving, kind, accepting and non-judgemental to yourself. What you are (or may be) re-experiencing are psychic wounds that go piercingly deeply into your heart. They are traumas that have spent thousands of years resting in your tissues and bones.

Sometimes, the re-surfacing of the pain will feel extreme. But it is not a dead-end. This is the Goddesses’ plan for your healing, your empowerment, and your rising. As you continue to go where you are sent to bring the Feminine Heart back to consciousness, there will be more healing energy available to you than ever before.

As you feel the pain of ancient lifetimes rising, know that through continuing to rise into your feminine power you are healing it – forever.

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