The Ancestors are Calling You

These are your ‘spirit families’ and guardians from the deep, eternally-bound past. The ancestors gather around you, perhaps straddling many native cultures, traditions, communities and civilisations.

Your personal spiritual timeline – how your soul has reached across lifetimes and millennia – can be reflected in the shimmering faces of the sacred ancestors that make contact with you now.

You can easily link in with your spiritual ancestors by considering the traditions, cultures, perhaps countries, and ‘realms’ that you are instinctively attracted to. This is usually a very magnetic feeling; a pull or draw towards a certain group or tribe. For example, you may be very attracted to native traditions of countries such as America, South America, Africa, the Middle East or Europe. You may feel a pull towards the aesthetics, food, colours, textures and music of this culture or tradition.

Your ancestors of Light extend to those who you may consider to be ‘off-Earth’, such as angels and star-beings. They can be goddesses and gods. They can be sacred animal totems. There are endless forms of spiritual ancestry who form up the lifeblood of your Soul.

These guides specifically want to call themselves ‘ancestors’ today. They are your Great Mothers and Grandmothers, Great Fathers and Grandfathers, Brothers and Sisters. They comprise a Great Family of Light that surrounds your soul path.

It is important that you recognise your ancestors, as they connect with you now to deliver vital energies and new guidance. They know you inside and out, and can also take you on journeys to rediscover lost and forgotten parts of your Self.

This liberates your spirit and helps you to remember your deepest purpose. You will feel a closeness, a sweet familiarity with your ancestral families. They will often have significant messages for you, at poignant moments upon your ‘Earth Walk’.

It is no random occurrence that you are drawn inexplicably to specific realms or cultures, sacred rituals or healing traditions, at certain trigger points in your life.

You are responding to a Call from your spiritual ancestors, and they are asking you to be open to connection.

Ancestors create events and situations in which you can receive their contact, open to their assistance and expand your Self. This is usually out of the control of your mind’s plans about your life. It is serendipitous, magical, destined.

This is the Way of the Ancestors. They come to remind you of the realms beyond the veil. They come to remind you of your innate greatness, and capacity to illuminate the world. They come to offer healing, rituals, succour and sustenance for your opening into Spirit.

They believe in your deep powers and want you to use them, for the greatest good of all.

The Ancestors gather now, in healing circles, on the ground and in the air, in the oceans and rivers, the hills and mountains.

Listen, listen, listen. Hear their Call.

It is only for you.

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  1. Janiece Harshberger on September 25, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    Felt the pull hard last year,It Litrely jerked me awake,Since then I have been put through numerous Trials,I could write a whole book on my interesting experinces,and the signs along the way,I missed a few but I keep watching always watching…Oh and Everything happens for a reason…

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