What you need to know about 7:7

The 7th of July is a significant, sacred date for my relationship with the goddess. My biological mother passed over into Spirit on 7/7/77. At the exact moment she died, I believe my soul cracked open in a combination of personal and collective emotion for the loss of the Divine Mother.​

This isn’t logical at all, but my heart tells me that my spiritual duty was set in motion on 7/7/77.At this time of year, I seem to become even more introspective and I’m always aware of a powerful energy building. Some mystics and intuitives say that this week in July is connected to the Divine Sun and Sirius, and that we can open to receive a strong burst of spiritual energy.

Meditating this morning, I saw a butterfly over my heart chakra. The meaning of butterfly energy is change or transformation. Combined with the vibration of 7 which is linked to divine guidance and mystical connection, there’s changes afoot that can be huge turning points in your spiritual path.

7:7 Butterfly meditation for embracing change

  • Find a place to sit or lay down quietly. Centre yourself with a few deeper breaths.
  • Imagine your heart and crown chakras opening to receive the transformative light of 7:7.
  • Picture a butterfly hovering across your chest and heart areas.

This butterfly is a spirit guide, come to guide you safely through a series of changes. These changes may be on the inside and the outside. They’re taking you closer to who you really are, deep in your soul. They’re leading you to what your spirit most wants you to express. They’re bringing you in touch with people and places that support your divine purpose. ✨

  • Take a few moments to tune into the butterfly energy. See the wings getting brighter, the light getting more powerful.
  • As the butterfly’s radiance flows through your body, ask your crown chakra to open fully to the Light. See your crown chakra energy connecting to the butterfly energy.

Your soul is preparing for its next transformation. If there’s any divine guidance you need to follow, or actions you need to take, request that this is made known to you in ways you can easily understand.

  • Give thanks to the butterfly and your own spirit for guiding you smoothly and joyfully through these changes.

Affirmation: Change is safe. I open my spiritual wings with confidence. I embrace transformation as a key part of my divine purpose. And So It Is. 🦋

Take some grounding breaths to bring you back into your body, and the room.

You’ve now connected to the powerful energies of 7:7!

Pay close attention to any signs, symbols, inner messages and nudges you receive after practicing this meditation. Remember that divine guidance will always lead you in positive, healing and uplifting directions.

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