The Family of Light is Rapidly Connecting

For many years you will have been connecting with your sacred ‘family’ or kindred spirits. There is a “Family of Light” present on Earth at this time, and you are a part of it. You know the people who are a members of this family, because you feel a deep resonance with their energy.

Very often, these people will catalyse shifts for you spiritually, and you will do the same for them. You always feel very safe with other members of your Soul Family, because on an unspoken level they ‘get’ you, and know that you are both not of the Earth plane. You can also share the challenges of being a sensitive being here on this planet at a very pivotal turning point in our world’s evolution.

Right now, there is a period of intense reconnection happening with the Family of Light. You may find that synchronicity brings you face to face with many of your kindreds, even though you may not know exactly why at first. The ways in which these meetings are happening is changing, quickening. It is as if Spirit has no time to waste, and just wants to get Souls connected as soon as possible.

When you come into contact with a kindred, it often has a feeling of serendipity or magic about it. There are often many synchronistic events surrounding the meeting so that it feels incredibly divinely-ordered.

The Universe wants you to pay attention to people that you are being linked with now. It is common to get a feeling of ‘I must be around this person, talk to them, look into their eyes, feel their energy’ with other members of the Family of Light. This is because you are literally coming home to your true family when you meet! This family understands energy and light, and the ways of universal love, healing and intuitive powers.

If they have not yet woken up to who they are, it may be your job to activate their energy field. They will have drawn you into their life in order to be stimulated into awakening. Often you don’t even need to talk about spiritual matters in order for this to happen (although it will probably be impossible not to) because the electrical charge in your aura is enough to spark off divine codes in theirs.

There will always be a mutual benefit for all and any members of the Family of Light coming together. Notice who is showing up around you now, and who you feel inexplicably drawn to talking to more deeply or sharing time with. There are absolutely no random meetings ever – and right now there are certain people you are being brought together with that are glowing with purpose and possibility for sacred exchanges.

Because the universal energies are now moving so rapidly and with increasing clarity around Earth, it is easier for kindred souls to find each other and ‘cut to the chase’ when it comes to being open about who they are. When you get that inner knowing that someone you meet (or keep meeting, by ‘chance’) is important for your life path, trust it. Be bold and just say, “I know we’ve only just met, but I feel a real connection with you. I feel we have something to exchange with one another.” They will be grateful that you took the initiative.

Many angels and guides are surrounding and orchestrating the beautiful meetings between Kindreds, Soul & Light Family Members at this time. Notice the ‘glow’ you see around these people who carry great meaning for you. Don’t dismiss how much you want to be around them, exchange energy with them, and share your unique sacred vibrations. Be aware of what happens when you look into one another’s eyes. Pay great attention to your intuitive impulses when you speak to one another – you may get a strong feeling to say something that is ‘guided’ – even if you just meet each other for one conversation.

The Family of Light is being united all over our planet, for the purposes of healing, transformation and the rapid vibrational increase of our beloved Earth.

Make sure that you take action as you are intuitively guided to when these special Souls cross your path – you will both be glad that you did.

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