Solstice 21.12.22

This Solstice, I feel an enormous pulse of sacred energy coming through the magical portal of Avalon.

Those who live physically close to the Avalon sacred sites – Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, ley lines of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, and standing stones of Stonehenge and Avebury – will be within a super-potent vortex of Avalonian light. This could also be felt in other places linked to Avalon such as Cornwall (Tintagel) and Northern France (Brittany). If you live in or close to these areas, you may find that this Solstice period is a very deep experience for you.

But ~ everyone will receive the waves of light emanating from the Heart of Avalon today, and for weeks to come.

A huge chapter of divine feminine rebirth and transformation has finally completed.

This Solstice, spiritual guides from Avalon such as Merlin and the Avalon Priestess are creating S P A C E around your energy field so you can start to bring in a new template of creativity, divine connection, receptiveness, purpose and abundance.

Breathe into this space.Don’t rush to fill it. Let the universe show you how it is to be filled.Await your divine instructions.

Many things that have felt ‘on hold’, stuck or dormant will bloom, blossom and gain incredible momentum after the Solstice.

After this shift has happened, you may be able to create new projects and initiatives that have been literally decades in the making.

Relationships that have seemed irreparably damaged or fractured may suddenly respond to healing and efforts to repair them, in ways you never believed possible.

Your work behind the scenes to recover your connection to the light, wisdom and magic that lives within you will be rewarded.You’ll still have to make active contributions to your progress, but there will be an upward current that propels you forward.

Simple Solstice meditation ✨

Sit quietly.

Hold the intention of receiving a pulse of light from Avalon.

Send this pulse of light out to humanity and the entire world.

Visualise your soul’s path illuminated with this Solstice light.

See new energy flooding in.

Know that when it’s time to step onto this new path, you will.

If you’d like to go deeper with Avalon Priestess energy:

Try my guided meditation ritual in the Journeys with Goddesses audio series. Find out more here.

Prefer a video workshop? There’s a 60-minute online session connecting to the Avalon Priestess here.

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