Lilith, the Raw Touch of the Soul

At a pivotal point in your journey back to the Goddess, Lilith will make contact with you.

As you grow in stature as a Whole Woman, returning to the essence of the feminine vibration, your soul will signal to Lilith – Ultimate Paragon of Feminine Power – that you are ready to be moved by her, and her alone.

For those men who are on the Sacred Pathway to return to their authentic, enlightened masculine Selves, Lilith is also an important, if darkly radical, spiritual teacher.

Lilith decides if any Soul is ready for her vibration. Make no mistake, you must be ready. Lilith represents raw feminine power in it’s most distilled, venerated form. She literally strips the notion of the ‘nice, people-pleasing, acceptable, good girl’ out of the lexicon of the feminine. She presents herself only when the student is capable of awakening to the most unabashed, uninhibited expressions of spiritual potency.

When Lilith begins to make herself known to you, it will alter your consciousness in deeply transformative ways. Her direct contact with you may be preceded by significant life changes, similar to when you are contacted by Kali, or other very powerful Goddess figures. With Lilith however, the influences can be more subtle, yet infinitely penetrating, mysterious and mesmerising.

This Goddess is the embodiment of sacred feminine sexual power. She carries the spiritual elixirs of the sexual body of Woman. The keys to the very deepest, most secret parts of a woman’s spiritual-erotic essence are held in her possession. No-one, no entity, no other deity – holds these precise divine codes for unlocking the Divine Feminine sexual core.

These energies are devastatingly powerful in their ability to invoke rolling waves of transformation through the consciousness on Earth. When a woman is in the process of her Lilith vibration being activated, you will sense an unspeakable, deeply mysterious, almost hypnotic allure in her aura.

This woman will start to repossess all her sacred powers, and she will become startlingly assertive in her devotion to self-value and self-respect. Intuitively, she will contact the most revered elements of her Divine Feminine core, and will no longer be able to tolerate any hint of inauthentic relationships or interactions.

She will unapologetically send out this message to anyone who comes into contact with her:

“I am now coming into full possession of my Sacred Self. I am Whole again. I will no longer buy into any level of disrespect, dishonour, violation, abuse, undervaluing or self-sacrifice. I am upholding the Energy of Woman at It’s most healing, nourishing and creative. I am a walking, talking, breathing expression of the Feminine at It’s most radically-loving. I am carrying the torch of the Goddess within me.”

When men come into contact with Lilith, it is usually from meeting a woman who is working with Lilith energy. On a metaphysical level, any man who enters into relationship with Lilith through any means will be carefully chosen. At this time, the plain truth is that there are very few men on the planet who are spiritually ready for this kind of interaction and growth.

Any men who are confronted (and yes, it is usually felt that way) emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually by Lilith energy will undergo profound changes to their masculinity. It is a position of great honour, because so few men at the current time are as yet awakened to the transformative potential of the Sacred Feminine cause.

Men who find themselves touched by Lilith energy will always have had sexual experiences with women who are carrying this vibration deep within them. Sex will always come into the mix, because this is the primary method that Lilith employs to attune men’s energy fields to her awakening codes.

Naturally, any man or woman who has Lilith’s healing powers channelled through them will undergo dramatic changes in their sexual selves. This is a core element to the teachings of Lilith. Once Lilith is working with you, relationships that demand total intimacy and a stripping away of defences will manifest. You will be taken into very deep arenas of sexual, emotional and spiritual connection. Relationships governed by Lilith are only ever intense, penetrating and transformative.

Lilith makes contact with you when you are ready on a soul-level to ascend to the very highest plateaus of Divine Consciousness. She doesn’t waste her energy with those who are not ready or willing to change and grow, or ride the universal energies of evolution. You may be surprised, challenged or threatened by her entrance into your life, because it is never your personality that has agreed to let her in.

The Supreme Dark Goddess of the Feminine is only interested in what your Soul is saying, not your ego. She responds solely to the Call of your Karmic Voice, which invoked her long ago to come to your side at this precise moment in your journey.

She knows you can handle anything she’s got for you, because you are an Ancient Warrior of Sacred Love. You are being put on notice right now for profound shifts in your life that are governed by Lilith.

She has returned to tear down the defensive walls, rip away the protective armour, pour the ancient liquid of sacred-sexual healing upon your skin. She will lure you into profoundly new waters of intimacy and sensual connection. Here, you will undergo a baptism into tantric, healing arts.

Whole Women will go unimaginably deep with Lilith by their side. Men who are called to love and work with these women are rare indeed, very special, and highly respected by the Goddess.

Women and men who unify under the mantle of this Ultimate Priestess become sacred transformers of a most rare, unique kind. Brought together in her temple of High Love, these partners go forward to spread the flames of enlightened intimacy and wholeness all over the globe.

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  1. Anne Britt on February 7, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    This piece is pure liquid Divine essence, sinking deeply into my cells. I can feel such a strong energetic resonance at this point of my journey… wow! Lilith is definitely calling, my Kundalini is wildly moving and ‚on fire’ while reading your words.
    Thank you deeply, over and over again, dear Sophie

  2. John bryant on July 10, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Thanks Sophie
    This is a great help To me

  3. Alice Queen on December 8, 2020 at 1:44 am

    Yes. Kundalini screamed at me while reading this. Something I’ve felt sense childhood. I’ve always had something for Lilith. I even wanted to name my daughter Lilith but it got universally shot down. Now my daughter promises to name her daughter Lilith.

  4. Melissa on February 2, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    I am going through this process right now on my path. I was enlightened that the mission for my TF and I are a sexual healers, raising the conscious awareness of scared sexuality & unconditional love without restricts. So I signed up for a Tantra class on Udemy, yesterday. I just started researching Lilith. I honestly didn’t know the 2 were connected, because I didn’t know much about her. I guess once I heard her called a succubus or demoness it really caused a little anxiety, truthfully. I grew up western Christianity so no wonder, right?! I am transcending and I can tell a lot of the conditioning and deceit is being cleared away. I am thanking the Universe for that!!! I am also thankful for this reading!

    P.s. this is only a brief summary of the full circle. I’m just amazed! I love that you called her Goddess. Also I love that women are honoring her for staying in her power very uplifting!!

  5. Monte on May 30, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you for this. Lilith rose in me last night and used this writing to formally introduce herself. I am touched to tears, stronger than ever, and honored to be her vessel.

  6. Claudia Aurora on September 25, 2021 at 8:13 pm

    Oh my Goddess!!! Sophie’s book came into my life in July 2021 on audible – little did I know what was expecting me ✨ and even tough I’m a professional astrologer, I never look much into Lilith or the transits in the chart… In August I started to feel the synchronicities were changing, my intuition extremely sharp, I was sensing something coming…
    I’m under a peri- menopausal phase, and experiencing erratic/ absent periods for over 1 year now, but on the full moon of August 22 I receive an healthy period as I was preparing to facilitate my women’s moon circle in London …
    Long story short, 1 month later on next full moon in Pisces I started bleeding again, full on… and I sensed something was / is happening.

    The touch of Lilith indeed, the owls, the snakes, the hamsa, my sudden huge appetite to devour red apples (which I never do and I ate 3 in one day ) my inner visions under meditation were unbelievable…my channeled messages with automatic writing ✍ changed, she came through or someone who worked with her energy!!

    it took me a while to understand what was going on, but I got there in the end. I’m still under this awakening process I must say.

    It happens Lilith has Made her exact return after 9 years around the wheel to conjunct my natal Sun and moon in August (when I bled), and when I finish listening Sophie’s book (still unaware of what was going on) my neighbour knocked on my door to give me a beautiful handmade wooden key of life she bought for me in Egypt (same key the Goddess of Sophie book cover is holding)

    I’m still digesting all of this, I know I’m an intuitive / medium but I didn’t expect this touch and when I started researching about her I was terrified to learn she is considered a demon, but with Sophie awareness and after a long days research on Her, I feel she is indeed powerful in both light and dark, and my soul at this stage needs to embrace my shadow self and awake my long dormant sexuality.
    I’m happy and privileged she’s touching my heart, awakening me for a path of self healing, empowering and transformation and ultimate my mission.

    Thank you Sophie, you book was Goddess sent

    Bless you sister ✨

  7. Donna (the blonde psychic) on August 1, 2022 at 5:30 am

    Lilith appeared to me twice this week I am an advanced psychic reader always evolving and growing and recently I have been leading with my masculine energy and being less “nice” I was trying to learn to balance my masculine and feminine but now I see I have to stay strong Lilith is making my feminine unbreakable and invincible amazing

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