Breaking Open is the Way for the Light to Enter You

Life is always seeking to take you to higher ground. Sometimes, in order to go higher, you need to face whatever it is that holds you back from allowing light in.

For Light to enter, you need to have an open, receptive, willing and softened heart. Because social and cultural conditioning so often creates hard shells around our hearts, and pressurises us into looking as if we ‘have it all together’, we often block the light that is seeking to lift us up.

The major block to receiving Light is suppressed and denied emotions. The stark truth is, there is no way you will open up to the light of your Soul when you are stuck in emotional deadlock. Repressed emotions cause energetic shutdown and block you from evolving into the wisdom of your Higher Self.

We have a great stigma in our societies around ‘breakdowns’. We are taught to perceive any kind of breaking down, dissolving or collapsing as weakness. In terms of spiritual development, breakdowns are necessary. So often, it is only when a person collapses under the weight of his or her unhealed emotional baggage that inner change can really start to occur. It is only when everything really gets too much to bear that a person may drop down to his or her knees, offer up a supplication, and finally hand things over to God.

At this point of physical, emotional and spiritual surrender, the Universe rejoices. Finally, finally, finally – the Light has been allowed to come in. At last, healing can start. After all this time, the barriers have been dropped, and the real transformational power of the Soul can begin to do it’s work.

Don’t ever misinterpret ‘breaking down’ as failing. Don’t ever think that because you are not coping, or feel messy and unravelled, that your life is inadequate. The messiness is so frequently the jewel. This is where the truth lives; it is where your real ability to be intimate with God lives; it is where your deepest connections with other people live.

When you are ‘breaking down’ – even if just for 15 minutes at the kitchen table of your best friend – you show another heart the sacred vulnerability of your own. You show them your willingness to acknowledge the beauty and holiness of pure emotion, and give them permission to do the same. You bring others closer this way, and you live in relationship with God and with other people that is authentic and ultimately extraordinarily healing.

God will bring you to your knees when it is time to go Higher.

Quite honestly, if you haven’t been brought to your knees yet in this lifetime, you haven’t started the real work of opening that heart of yours.

As soon as you are truly on your knees (not just complaining, moaning or playing the victim) – and you are ready to really let the Light in to show you how magnificent, powerful and Divine you really are – a succession of miracles will reveal themselves to you.

You will see that facing what you’ve expended so much energy in trying to push down is the key to your ascension, growth and fulfilment in this lifetime.

The Universe is always seeking to take you Higher. On the sacred journey, there is no judgement, and being in hard control does not mean that you are successful. The sacred journey back to Love requires that you place great importance on the emotions that live inside you. You are an expression of Nature, of the Divine, of Great Light. You are not a robot, and you vibrate to natural laws, not artificial ones.

The Divine will sometimes need to make your life chaotic so that you lose control. Life will sometimes need to break your heart completely open, so that you have no choice but to collapse to your knees.

This is the Holy Moment. This is the moment of exceptional Grace. This is the moment when on the inner plane, you say “Yes” to the support and guidance of a power greater than yourself.

This is where Light so often needs to penetrate. The rawest part, the part that cannot keep it together any more, the part that just says to Life, “Go on, have me. Have it all. I am yours.”

And then how you begin to see the Universe dance with you.

This is the dance of surrender, and the dance of coming Home.

This is the dance of the Mystery, and of the Light re-entering. This is the dance of the Heart, the Soul, and the Grace of God.

It is what will save you from yourself. It will save you from your own self-punishment and even self-hatred. It is what will bring you back to the altar of self-love.

To witness yourself broken open without judgement is to accept that you are eternally Whole in God’s eyes.

Never be afraid to break open: for five minutes, five months, or five years. Breaking open or down always represents a new beginning and the dawn of new light. It is always a Divine Method to take you to Higher Ground.

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