Reclamation of Female Power

Raising the subject of female power can incite strong reactions. These reactions usually come from women. In my experience, men want women to be in their power, even if at first it challenges them.

I have walked a long journey towards re-claiming my own power; remembering that I have it, working on my deeply-buried emotional blocks for long enough to uncover it, and daily inner and outer work to re-anchor it into my cells.

I have had to remind myself daily that I am worthy of being in my power, and that I am not going to be hurt, or even die, from demonstrating it publicly. It is still a journey, but one that I find only strengthens the more I am open, honest and authentic about the depth of power that really lies inside me.

When I suppress it, hide, or allow society to dictate to me how I should look, feel and express myself, I feel painfully disempowered and somehow like a fraud. I feel like I am letting down a great universal force for healing.

If I ever feel jealous of another woman’s achievements, I remember what a potent message this is from the Goddess. It is always saying to me: look inside yourself, where are you hiding your own power? Where are you allowing yourself to be diminished? How are you shutting down your ability to receive? Why are you closing your mouth, when it needs to be wide open, telling your truth, radiating your wisdom, confronting the lies and denials about women’s power that still underpin all cultural infrastructures in the world?

Women, we all need to ask ourselves these questions frequently. Our own reclamation of inner power – creative, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and sexual – is essential for the future of this planet.

The reason, I believe, that women are so confronted on the inside when faced with the size and capacity of their own powerfulness is because they have not had the Goddess leading the way for them.

The Goddess has been wiped out across the entire planet. All efforts have been made to banish and dissolve Her existence. The deep pain of this loss is still vibrating within the hearts of all women across the globe. The pain may be suppressed, but it is there.

It feels very frightening to many women here to display their power openly. This is because, in the ancient past, these women have been tortured, traumatised and killed for being powerful. Fear often masquerades as something else: if we constantly find something to criticise about other women who are living in their power, our fear about doing the same is being activated. If we constantly put off and procrastinate about being creative or using our spiritual gifts, our fear is being activated. If we allow ourselves to be put into convenient boxes that label us as ‘innocent’ or ‘guilty’ based upon a moral or religious code for using our intellects, intuition, emotional and sexual desires freely – we are living from other people’s fear of our power.

We must be kind to ourselves as we move through this journey. Because the level of oppression that we have endured has been cleverly hidden and used against us. The past life memories that we have are real.

The Goddess was ripped from this planet almost without warning. We carry deep, ancient grief for this loss. Now though, She has told us it is time to Return. She has told us that She is here to guide our path once more. She has told us that we play a pivotal role in re-seeding the planet with Her Love.

We must face our own inner demons regarding owning our limitless feminine power.

We are limitless. We are powerful beyond anything that our world has allowed us to believe possible.

We have vital healing work to do. We must face ourselves, do the work that our Souls elected to do, and use this sacred work as a self-healing tool that will fortify us. We are only going to get stronger, and stronger and stronger.

We will not disappear this time. We will not be erased. We will not be banished. We will not be forgotten.

The time of feminine power has come. We must support each other until our last breaths upon the earth. If we tear each other down, we have lost the way.

Women, look into yourselves and see where you hide your power. This is the single most transformative step you can take for your own life, and the lives of many who now live on this planet.

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  1. Joanne on May 3, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    agreed. I still live in fear most days but being a part of your community is helping me to connect with myself more and more deeply.

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