The Awakeners

When The Call to Awakening arrives, everything conspires to make it happen.

As your Soul’s consciousness converges with the order of the Universe, so you find that life re-arranges itself in ways that defy logic, and uproot even the best-laid plans of the ego.

When your Soul needs to begin directing your existence here, you will experience significant changes that usually come out of nowhere.

Very often, a sudden jolt into awareness is needed in order to shake up the chakras and get the higher vibrations moving again through your energy bodies.

If you have been pushing down, blocking and suppressing your natural spiritual energy for a long time, circumstances and events will create themselves around you that deliberately take you out of your ‘sleep mode’.

The emotions are frequently pressed hard during this initial stage of ‘awakening’. Your Higher Self calls in people and experiences that are designed to push your emotional triggers, unlock buried sensations and desires, turn the ascension keys inside your chakras and open the sacred gateways within your innermost being.

People are often thrust into a time of apparent confusion, instability, and dissolution when the Light descends upon, and into, them.

The ego goes through a process of dismantling that it finds disturbing. It will want to do everything to resist the transformations that are underway; will want to grasp and clamour for hard control and the ‘known outcome’, the guarantee, the fixed solution.

These physical changes, and the stimulation of the emotional body, are very necessary at the Time of Awakening.

They are an integral part of moving a person’s awareness into the intuitive, mystical and metaphysical realms. The logical mind will fight these changes, but the Soul knows what It is doing.

The Call to Awakening can feel like a scary process, because it is recalibrating consciousness into the Infinite, the Unknown, and the Sacred Mystery. It is demanding that absolute spiritual trust be rediscovered, re-planted and reborn in the bodies of those who are here to bring in the Light.

In order to get the attention of these people, very often their lives must be turned upside down. They must be shaken to the core so that they catalyse the divine energy that has always rested deep within their beings.

They must be taken vibrantly into the centre of their emotions: therefore, Life will give them exactly what is needed in order for that to happen.

Spiritual Awakening is a process of dismantling, of dissolution, of disarming the ego – but it is also the most exciting and electric journey of discovery.

Sometimes the house of cards comes toppling down all at once, especially when a person is being asked to transform very quickly.

The Divine will always make sure that the right information, the right messages, and the right teachers are sent to all who are going through intensive awakening processes.

The synchronicity and subtle mystery that works through Divine Hands always reaches those who need it most, at perfect moments, in perfect ways.

Remember, that spiritual awakening – or bringing the Light of your Soul into your awareness – is a massive energy process and nearly always demands substantial physical re-ordering.

When structures appear to fall apart, they are doing so because the new frequency that is coming in is of a much higher vibration than what was originally standing.

The new frequencies create change, demand change, and usher in change.

Everything and everyone who cannot withstand the pulsations of these new frequencies as they pour through the person who is awakening – will go.

Things tumble down..things erupt…things crash and crumble and get ripped apart.

It is all part of the Sacred Order. It is all part of the Mystery. It is all part of the Great Plan for a New World.

And when the Old has been cleared away, what glorious space is now created. What glorious new worlds can be seeded and grown here. What new vibrations can live, love and birth themselves.

There is a great mastery at work here. The Ones who are being Awakened will haul this tired earth into a new vitality, a new radiance, a new fabric of gleaming strands; built from the New, crafted from the most Holy, embalmed in all that is precious, sacred and true.

What these brave new warriors and pioneer are doing is breathtaking and worthy of enormous accolades: they are ridding themselves of old skins like snakes, riding into glittering pastures that are yet untrodden, drawing courage down into their solar plexus chakras with great force and determination.

They are being told by the Divine that it is safe to leave the Old behind. And are being given new mandates for Living in authenticity, grace, elegance, power, truth and searing love for earth and Her peoples.

When the Old Life withers and dies, it is the one sign that they have been searching for.

It is the ancient Call from the Sea, telling them that the Time has arrived at last.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Take the chance on your heart.

Risk it all for Love.

Do it before you yourself wither and die.

The breath is calling you. The earth is calling you. The deep nourishment is calling you.

When Death comes, it is always a sign of new life.

And that is something to lend hope to. And it shows that something magnificent is on its way.

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  1. Joanne on May 3, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    I love this thank you.

  2. Alèsandra on December 6, 2021 at 5:54 am

    Beautifully written.. thank you for this ♥️

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